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Posted by SkySitter ( on September 22, 2000 at 02:20:30:

In Reply to: vegetarianism posted by kasandra on September 21, 2000 at 18:34:49:

: I have been reading the comments concerning eating meat or not-My brother was under the impression that being Buddhist meant you could not eat meat-I asked a friend who goes to Japan several times a year and stays with the monks-He said no because they eat what is offered to them by the people of the area. I asked my lama and he said H.H. Sakya Trizin eats meat. I then continue on feeling like ok it is alright to eat meat but then the issue of killing no other living being enters in-So is it just one of those individual decisions? Is there anything written down that actually states something about diet? If so, what is it? Sorry this is so long-

I think it is only Chinese Mahayana Buddhist who go with vegetarism (about 1000 years after Buddha).
Buddhists from Chinese schools (8 of them) might still stay with it, but not all of them.

I think the rules for the rest of the Buddhists are:
(1) not killed by your,
(2) not killed specifically for you (either you gave the order or the "suggestion"),
(3) you did not eyewitness or hear the killing.

"Three (criteria of) clean meat" in Mahayana documentation.

In history, someone did try to use vegetarism to split up the community, so it remains a touchy issue.
Never say: "We are good Buddhist because we are vegetarian and you are bad Buddhists because you are not vegetarian."
(Or anything like that even replace vegetarism with anything else.)

Like many other things in Buddhist practice, you do whatever you are comfortable with. When the time comes, you will move to the next level.
The same goes for sex, family life, material procession, view of self, and everything else.

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