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Posted by Sergio ( on September 22, 2000 at 08:36:03:

In Reply to: Tibetan Buddhist Opinions Wanted posted by Joel on September 21, 2000 at 18:22:28:

Dear Joel:

I read you post and I think it is very interesting.
I’m from the Tibetan school, and I have some comments for you.
I also was in your position once. Honestly, Buddhism has a very crude and hard approach to reality. As you said, Buddhism is not for romantics.
However, I think that a bad interpretation of Buddhist’s concepts is very usual. That explains why is so important a CLOSE relationship with a qualified spiritual master. Otherwise, some Buddhist approaches could be understood as pessimistic and without hope, which is wrong.

When I was new in Buddhism, I used to read a lot of Buddhist’s books and I had exactly the same feeling than you have. Only when I entered in contact with a spiritual master, I could stop suffering because of this lack of hope and a great pessimism. The spiritual master is the source of hope. He gives you all the energy you need for the way, and he makes you see the greatest future you can attain: Buddhahood. He makes you see this as the unique real worthy thing we really can get, and he makes you dream with that. He makes you get in love of this, and this is hope. This is hope because that gives sense to your life.

But in the other hand he can’t do this if he didn’t make you stop being in love of irrelevant things before. He has to make you see that your common refugees are not permanent, and to be attached to them will make you suffer once they leave. He has to destroy all your illusions. Illusion is something not real, as the idea of having someone at your side forever loving you, for example. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have someone in your life, but realise that a person could stop staying at your side at any moment.
When the spiritual master make you realise all this phenomena’s facts, he will make you enter in the first great and basic step in the path: renunciation. What renunciation is?. It is when a person is completely aware that his usual refuges are impermanent and because of that he will not be able to get a permanent happiness as long he be attached to them. So he decides to quit to his attachment, but NOT to quit these things. I mean that someone with renunciation will not give up everything, as pleasures, sex, life, etc. It just means that the person will quit to attachment to them, and he will just enjoy of them without attachment.
This person will also be aware that suffering also arises through aversion, ignorance and karma. So he will try to destroy them also because now he can identify them as the real sources of suffering.

In this process the person has to experience sadness. The person has to admit that the world is not as he was told it was. The great lie arises, and this is a very hard confrontation. The person is awaking, and if the person is strong enough, he will awake. If the person is not strong enough, he will forget everything and he will return to the dream. This is exactly as the movie “The matrix”: When they told him the truth, he entered in crisis. Everything was just a dream. That’s hard.

This is the moment when the spiritual master gives you the great refugee: The Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Of course, if he didn’t give you something instead, we will have taken your world, even if it was a poor one. To be a spiritual master is a very dangerous job. This is the moment when he makes you see the great qualities of the 3 jewels, and in a very personal analysis, you will agree with him and also with the great qualities of the 3 jewels. He will now give you hope, but a different one, a spiritual hope. He will make you see what you really are: a source of energy, without limitations, space. He will make you jump between buildings, to enter to powerful mental states, to generate a powerful altruistic sense. He will show you all kind of worlds, and how to travel between them. And as in the movie “the matrix”, he will teach you that you can’t fly just because you think you can’t. He will make you aware of your real potentials, and when that happens, you will never be satisfied with something different. As my lama says: he shows you a window to other realities, he shows you that staying in the bridge is much better than staying in the rapids of the perturbed emotions. He will make you see this as something attainable. And when someone makes this for you, he restructures your body of energy forever, and that’s love. And love is the greatest hope.


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