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Posted by Savaka ( on September 22, 2000 at 22:05:03:

In Reply to: renunciation posted by kasandra on September 22, 2000 at 19:02:44:

I would like to share my views about the renunciation issues you raised, Kasandra.

The scriptures have given parables like how we need a boat to cross the river but having crossed it, we do not then lug the boat over our shoulders and bring it along. We simply leave the boat behind. Thus, we need drive, desire, determination to walk the path to the end but having reached the end, we leave such faculties behind.

I have learnt of a species of scorpion that strikes itself when it perceives danger that it cannot escape from. When it is surrounded by fire, or by a predator/s, it will tilt its wicked barb and sting itself in the back, thus escaping danger by death.

It is like the mind that seeks the enlightening truth. When it examines all corners and perceives the inherent suffering not only in the external universe but in the very five aggregates that forms its existence, the mind will strike at the very core of its existence: eradicating attachment, eradicating greed, eradicating hate, eradicating all the taints that bind it.

Uh, I don't think one can actually desire to be desireless. It's more like one desires to reach utter peace, the end of pain, total relief, ultimate happiness, undefiled truth. One walks the Buddha's way to achieve that...and in achieving that, one becomes desireless, among other things.

I have always felt that we need not worry about the nitty-gritty. Have you ever tried to discern how your body stays upright when walking? I tried it and ended up being a little out of balance when trying to study my own walking motion. But when I just walked and let the body manage itself, I of course walked just fine.

Methinks our practice is a little like that. We determine what we desire, be it peace or joy or tranquility or truth or knowledge or power. We learn the necessary ways. We give some faith plus benefit of the doubt to the Buddha even when we don't quite understand this Nibbana talk of his. He makes sense about many other things so let's give him a chance and do what he says. As we follow along the way, we uncover some insightful truths that we didn't know about earlier. It builds faith in us for his teachings. We walk on and someday we understand the Buddha's agenda.

Don't worry about the little things. Let the automatic pilot in your mind handle all that.


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