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Posted by Remmy ( on September 23, 2000 at 01:03:08:

I live in quite a remote area with no local Buddhist community so I can only really learn about the Dharma from books and places like this forum. Recently I've become interested in karma and have a couple of questions that I'd be very greatful of any help with.

As far as I understand it there are two "types" of karma. The first is patterns of thought habit - the 2nd link in the chain of dependent origination - which explains that whenever we do something with an unskillful mind we develop a habit of doing things unskillfully and suffer the consequences. Likewise doing things with a skillful mind creates a habit of skillful thinking and we reap the rewards of such thinking. The second type of karma is that, put simply, if we do a good deed something good will happen to us and if we do a bad deed something bad will happen to us. It's this 2nd type of karma that confuses me. So here are my questions.

1) Is this 2nd type of karma universally accepted as existing by Buddhists or is only the first type?
2) If it does exist is there any sutra that explains exactly how it works?
3) Will doing a good deed negate the karma created by a bad deed and vice versa?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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