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Posted by Rockie ( on September 23, 2000 at 06:22:30:

In Reply to: Karma posted by Remmy on September 23, 2000 at 01:03:08:

Karma itself is neither virtuous nor unvirtuous.It simply means, that when all conditions are fulfilled, the cause brings forth it's effect. In other words, a virtuous cause brings about a virtuous effect and an unvirtuous cause brings about an unvirtuous effect. A cause that is neither virtuous nor unvirtuous brings about an effect that is neither virtuous nor unvirtuous.
Everything we think, everything we imagine, everything we do - every piece of information or data is stored in a data bank situated in the Causal World ( the Realm of Non-Form). The processing of data firstly takes place in the phenomenal world, then in the Astral World (the Realm of Form) and finally in the Causal World.Imagine three crystal clear surfaces of water. Your action is a wave. Suppose you killed a being or you made an offering. Your act makes waves on these surfaces.A wave has it's high part and low part.Your action is the high part of the wave,and it's result is the low part of the wave, which is a rebound of the high part, and it appears in this Realm of Desire, or in the Astral World, or in the Causal World.
Accumulating merits makes the higher part of waves increase and makes the lower part of waves decrease. If we suppose that joy is a high part of the wave, the low part is sure to arise as a reaction.In other words, it means that the state of doing nothing, when you do not make any action, is a level plane, the surface is level.
One principle of the karmic law is that it is not automatic. This means that a deed done by a person does not bring a direct effect. The effect is a mixture of the deed, the conditions in which the deed was done, and the object of the deed. Say that you hit a person who was full of hatred.In this case you will receive not only the physical karma (the effect of hitting), but also the intense emotional karma, the hatred from the person.If you hit a practitioner, who was wishing to have his karma washed off, if the practitioner had thought, "Thank you for washing off my karma", when he was hit, you would accumulate the karma of advancing your practice by being hit. There are different effects in different situations. This principle also applies to other deeds,virtuous and unvirtuous.
Doing a good deed won't negate the karma created by a bad deed automatically. No one in this universe can escape from the karma law.It means you will receive both effects : a bad effect and a good effect. But in general we should try to accumulate as much good deeds as possible. For instance, the situation in the future, when you receive one bad effect and ten good effects at the same time is better than the situation when you receive one bad effect and only one good effect at the same time, isn't it ? And, of course, the minimum of bad deeds and the maximum of good deeds is necessary for our enlightenment.
Hope this helps.

With metta,

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