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Posted by Zol ( on September 23, 2000 at 13:20:06:

In Reply to: Thank you for the kindness posted by SkySitter on September 23, 2000 at 05:08:51:

: "the Maras who play the devil in the innumerable universes of the ten directions are all bodhisattvas dwelling in the inconceivable liberation, who are playing the devil in order to develop living beings through their skill in liberative technique."

Dear Skysitter, is this what you really believe?

Anyway, if we consider even causing oneself and others to suffer in the lower realms for an immeasurable of time nothing--as according to the ultimate view all things are empty, they sure will pass anyway--then everything is certainly nothing...but...

We may relax and read their articles and feel that there's something good in it...but...I dunno how many of that "Master Lu"'s books have been translated into English, I have read them in Chinese. To me, it's a good laugh. But considering the influences his school brings to the society...I have to say it's not just a laugh. What is known in many Chinese societies such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, is that this school does not only take money from their followers, but more than that...many Mahayana and Vajrayana masters have already warned that it is a highly dangerous school, not just a "fake" one.

Of course everyone has the freedom to choose what they like to believe. I just have one thought: even if such person is a Bodhisattva, there are still a lot of good teachers out there who are so much more authentic and reliable, why should we rely on speculative guesses--be someone a Bodhisattva who plays the devil in order to develop living beings or be himself actually a devil--this is just too far from our actual understanding, I feel.

Mahayana and Vajrayana sutras sometime say something that is quite hard to understand properly, we can't take everything too literally.

Well I can't say too much. I hope that whoever know any information available in English will speak up, especially those detailed accounts regarding "master Lu".

May we all be well on the path. May all sentient beings be well and SAFE on the path.

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