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Posted by Susan S ( on September 29, 2000 at 22:30:32:

In Reply to: Re: animals posted by Michael Pollard on September 29, 2000 at 13:42:19:

I am a little confused here, are we talking about human or animals?
Humans: That is a hard question to ask as each case is a different case, I know the Buddhist or His HOliness has made mention that to be on life substaining support to just maintain life at the medical level is not a good thing, because the suffering that person has to endure is not because he wishes it but the medical won't let go and that isn't a easy death. Death should be as it always was in the past, when one's death is approaching, it should be honored so that person canleave as they were meant to go. Michael made a very good point as each of don't know how we will deal with family members. If you want to get real personal, I will share this with you, my own son suffered terrible and I gave him permission that if it was unbearable, then I would understand. He asked me several times to help him and I told him the following. For his suffering that I understood that death was preferrable and as his mother, I wish I could help but I couldn't as I couldn't help in that level, I could not murder my son.
Well, the Universe stepped in and after he had finished everything that needed to be done on this earth gave him release. Man can only tolerate so much and I really feel that perhaps it is their choice as to how much the suffering that needs to be endured. I would never make judgement on another human being that was ill and exhausted and I am not sure that there is a penality in the spiritual world in a negative form. You will find that most people that chose this way is because of our Doctors that will not use medicine that benefit someone, it underused and its been proven that when pain medication is used properly that most choose to stay to the end of it all. This is why hospice was created and continues.
Animals: They can't tell you their pain or what the instensity is going on and there are times that one must out of compassion, put a animal down and to not do so would be such a terrible thing to do to make more suffering just for the ego of one self makes us guilty of making a animal that can't talk or speak for itself, that is unspeakable in my view.
This is only of my own opion.

Susan S

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