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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on October 02, 2000 at 09:56:04:

In Reply to: Buddha's on LSD posted by Craig D on October 02, 2000 at 01:41:16:

Your drug use concerns me. No, I don't think LSD would give you a taste of liberation, it's just a chemical. The only true liberation is enlightenment, to completely understand mind and be released from ego, that's liberation. LSD is a drug causing hillusination and any master, or even a student, knows to be cautious of these things, which are termed mayko in Zen. The only way these drugs can alter the mind is if we become attached to their effects, thinking them real or significant, and few who have touched enlightenment, let alone realized Buddhahood, would be affected. If you insist of a bouyant free and relativly liberated state, meditation or Zazen is the best. Heck, after heavy strain your mind will produce mayko which you must ignore and not be attached to in order to procced. I would suggest that you avoid drugs completly, for they will only damage your mind further makeing true lasting liberation imposible. As for how true liberation feels, imagin sound and sight without anyone hearing or seeing. This is how it's described. True liberation is when you don't see you and the world as seperate, where you understand your mind and the world. Of course I have yet to experience this. Zazen is said to be actualizing Buddhahood, so for us that have yet to experience liberation, meditation is a way to gain it now and, ultimatly, for all eternity. This is hard for many to believe, especially at the begining, but when your meditation becomes strong you will understand, and it will become prefered to any drug. I really do suggest a book for you, as I have for many, called "The three pillars of Zen" by Roshi Philip Kapleau. It discusses lot's on proper Zazen (sitting, meditation) and is a great source of inspiration.

I just want to sum up this message by telling you, drugs will never bring you closer to liberation, and will only pull you further away. If you want liberation in the here and now, give up your vices, the drugs, and practice. Five minutes of Zazen is five minutes of being a Buddha. Of course pain will initually result from Zazen, but from your body not being use to it. Proper sitting will easily releave this, the book I suggested has much on proper sitting, even pictures to study. Very good. Heres a quick summary of the instructions.

First, the seating materials. You need a mat or blanket 30 to 36inches square no more then two inches thick. On top of that and toward the back, a round pillow 12 to 18inches in diameter and 3 to 6 inches thick. You can use another medium sized blanket for this if you have no sutiable pillow. Fold the blanket into a wedge gradually sloping down, the back of the wedge sould be 3 to 6 inches high, and the width from back to front(down the slope) should be 12 to 16 inches. Now place your pillow toward the back of the mat, sloping end facting into the mat. Then plop your butt onto the pillow and sit in half lotus or full lotus if you can handle it. Now lean way forward, but don't fall over:), lifting your but off the pillow just a bit, now sit back down and try to sit with spin erect, up and down on the hips. Ok, take three big breaths throught the nose, and place your hands in your lap left in the right and thumbs slightly touching. This is the right position. Lean over(in this position) to the left, then swing around to the rightin a circle; do this aout 7 times makeing the cirle smaller until you stop, now relaxe until you feel balanced. Hopefully you feel relaxed without much tension in the body, if not just relaxe with the back straight and directly erect above the hips. Know, theres a few ways to meditate, and it's important you do the right one for your concentrative power. I count on every in breath, when I reach 10 I start over. Keep you attention on the riseing and falling of the hara, this is by or under the bellie button, and only count on in, as you inhale drag the number out until you finish inhaling then exhale without counting, but be very minful of all the sensations of the falling hara. Do this until you hit 10, then restart. Before to long, if your keeping the concentration firm, you will experience a very enjoyable, peaceful serenity, and this is meditation. Besure that, when your mind wanders, you just bring your mind back to the counting proccess, don't supress thoughts because that's unpleasant, just hold concentration to the hara and return when you do stray. Avoid meditating for more then 45 minutes with out taking a short walk (about 5 to 10 minutes) arounf the room, mindful dtill of the breathing. Gosh, this is well drug out. I hope it is coherent and of help. Meditation will bring you far closer to liberation the drugs, and it free to:) Metta.

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