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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on October 03, 2000 at 09:45:21:

In Reply to: Sergio:Quit his desire posted by jus little on October 03, 2000 at 08:50:03:

I'm not Sergio, but I understand like this. Instead of attachment to my desire I think in terms of attachment to an object(mental or physical). This attachment to an object is what we call desire. The third nobal truth speaks of easing desire and removing it, this is a way to freedom and peace, so what that means (so I can figure) is that we remove our attachment to an object and become desireless for an object, then that object no longer causes us great pain should it be broken or is gone, because we don't desire it, or are not attached to it. So, we can releave our attachment or desire for an object or action, but still ingage in it; however should this object be destroyed or one cannot obtain it, they are not tossed into great dispear. I enjoy coca-cola and drink it, but am not bothered if I do not have it, this is a mild form of renunciation, the sheding of my attachment or desire for cola; but I did not quite drinking it. Such an attitude can be applied to everything, family to. It does not mean you cannot enjoy and care for your family, but should a family member die, you do not cling or desire that person... makeing it easier to deal with, and except their death as what it truely is... I'm certain this makes Buddhism sound callous and cold to outsiders... and I hope it is accurate so not to propagate incorrect infomation. Metta, hope it helps.

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