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Posted by Allen ( on October 03, 2000 at 17:48:59:

Dear friends,
In the Root Tantra of Heruka Vajradhara says:
If you wish to accomplish the supreme attainment
Do not view the mantra as being different from the Deities.

Many of us are aware of the Shugden debate, below there are lines of reasoning that suggest shugden practice is NOT harmful.

"Shugden" in the Tibetan language is interpreted as "POWER", does this suggest
the Goverment of tibet will erase this term from it's vocabulary? The Dharma instructs us, " when we are chanting prayers and mantras we are invoking a feeling
of closeness to a particular Buddha, which could take on the aspect of compassion, wisdom, or even wrath,
which Mahakala, & kalarupa exibit.
Mahakala Skt., lit. "Great time" or " great black one." So we can ask ourselves what are we petitioning
when we make requests to these concepts imputed onto form & expressed through sound, vision, feeling?
Dorje Tib., lit. "Lord of stones." Originally, as lighting or thunderbolt (vajra). The Dorje is the symbol of the clear immutable essence of reality that is the basis of everything, corresponding to the concept of emptiness "shunyata."
Shugden Tib., "power." We all know what the term power employs, when the power goes out in our homes we need a light or candle to help us to see, even the candle flame needs a source of energy to give it function, the "power" of the flame will guide us in the darkness. So when practioners recite mantras and prayers to Dorje shugden who is the personification of diomand like indestructable power,"Vajra power is appearing to the "minds" of those who think of this mantra", this phrase
which gives confidence, energy to reach the final goal of Enlightenment, liberation from samsara.
How can this be harmful?

with best wishes,


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