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Posted by David ( on October 04, 2000 at 06:00:25:

In Reply to: Sergio:Quit his desire posted by jus little on October 03, 2000 at 08:50:03:


To add a little to what Sergio has already said, you make a good point about attaching to desire. Sergio's right in that attachment and "pure desires" can be distinguished, but as you realize for yourself, most of our desires are either quite "impure" or are heavily tainted with "impurity." Here, an impure desire is one that arises from our attachment and a desire tainted by impurity is a otherwise pure desire such as to eat when hungry, which we unforunately taint with our attachemnt (such as Sergio's pizza.. and my grandma's recipe for chocolate chip cookies!).

Interestingly, as you've also noted yourself, we don't only desire things, we also desire the mental state of desire itself, basically because it gives the impression that something of importance is happening, thus helping to perpetuate our cherished sence of self.

If you give up your "attachment to desire" using Buddhist methods, then that will help impure desires to fall away, and the tainting with impurity of otherwise pure desires to cease. Simply, you won't want anything you don't need, or that will not benefit others.

But Sergio is absolutely right, trying in a not-quite-right way to cut off or repress our attachments and/or desires is not healthy, and will acutally causes us more trouble. It is aversion, right?

To study the Dharma, practice meditation, and contemplate the Dharma (4 Seal, 4 Truths, etc.) in our daily life, will let us see our attachments and desires as they are. If they harm us, we will naturally let them go. If they are natural and pure, we will naturally just let them be so. Better to be content and practicing correctly with a dozen impure desires than to be hacking away incorrectly at 1.

Best wishes,

: In Tibetan Buddhist Opinions Wanted (22/09) my follow ups got lost down the chain so I repost them here. Apologies for my own ineptitude.


: sergio,
: i battle to comprehend what is contained in your words:
: "So he decides to quit to his attachment, but NOT to quit these things."
: to me it feels as though my attachment to my desire
: and my desire are the same. that if i were to quit the attachment,
: i would lose the sense of urgency for that desire and
: so not be driven to achieve it.
: please explain?
: thank you
: jus

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