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Posted by Tan ( on October 08, 2000 at 05:30:27:

In Reply to: Re: underworld posted by Savaka on October 01, 2000 at 21:34:26:

The buddha monk. He's name is " Ji Gong". He was the incarnate of Arhat Xiang Long of Western Heaven.He is coming to this world by order of Buddha, to recue the common people.

Ji Gong was born of a well-to- do family. as a baby, he was accepted by Abbot Xingkong as a nominal disciple and given the name Xiuyuan. By the time he was sixteen, he knew by heart all the classics and the works of master of various schools of thought. He had intended to take the imperial examination,but unfortunately, both his parents died and he had to live with his uncle. During the period of mourning, Xiuyuan studied Buddhist classics. When his three year's mourning was over, he had read ten thousand religious books. then , he left his uncle's home and started to travel around the country. when he arrived at Hangzhou all his money had been spent, so he decided to become a
monk and came to Lingyin Temple by the West Lake. Abbot Yuankong accepted Xiuyuan as his disciple and changed his name to Daoji. (also call Jigong) He was always up to mischief during meditation, so his fellows called
him " Jidian", meaning " the crazy monk". Jidian often stole out of the temple and wandered in town, he was supposed to be vegetarian, yet he
was fond of meat and wine. He gave the following Poem to justify his behaviour:

some people cultivate their minds but some people
cultivate their mouths. Other cultivate their mouths but not their minds; for me, I cultivate my minds but not my mouth.Ha, ha, ha!

Jigong liked to help people who were in troble with his magic fan.He could also cure diseases.

He went about helping the common folks in their woes, and punishing the wicked and unscrupulous. He also used his magical power to destroy monster and eliminate evil spirits. This is reflected in his song:
I roam the world by land and by water. I mingle with the common people, do good and punish the evil. Ghosts and monsters have no place to hide.

Jade Emperor.....
In ancient days, it was taken for granted that there existed deities in the Universe who ruled over everything. These deities, like human
beings, were of various status. Among them, Heaven was believed to be the head and creator of other deities. In the Jade Capital where the Jade
Emperor lived, stood the Seven_treasure Mountain, which formed a city area of 90,000 li ( 1 li = 0.5 km ). On each side of the city were
20,040 gates, and surrounding the city were eight rows of precious trees with green leaves and red fruits.
There were rich varieties of herbal plants as well as lotus blooming in the ponds nearby.In the city stood the Seven-Treaasure Palace which housed the Seven-Treasure Terace with its three palaces - the upper, middle and lower palaces.
The upper Palace , also known as the
Divine Fragrance Palace, boasted many winding arcades and layers of eaves; jade doors studded with gold; and phoenixes dancing about its
crimson gates. The grandeur and brilliance worked together to form a magnificent spectable. The Jade Emperor lived here. Nowadays, people
still worship the Jade Emperor in traditional Chinese customs. In Taoism, he is adored as the Heaenly Primogenitor.

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