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Posted by Jim C. ( on October 09, 2000 at 00:46:12:

In Reply to: Re: Dorjeshugden-Jim C posted by Susan on October 08, 2000 at 23:44:49:

Dear Susan:

I was a member of the NKT and read much on the issue. People went to NYC to demonstrate, etc.

I don't want to debate the issue per se ... adding my bit of dust to an already cloudy condition.

What I am greatly concerned with is this: when structural and institutional concerns, complete with competing central 'authorities' and mainstream 'assertions', take precedence over the 'care and feeding' of the individuals forming the 'body' of those structures, meaningful clarity for those individuals is subordinated to the needs of the institution to maintain itself.

in this situation, people serve Buddhism rather than Buddhism serving people - and any lived truth of Buddhism is lost in inert positions 'about' Buddhism.

In one respect you are correct, I am NOT BUDDHIST, if being Buddhist is predicated upon more of the same maneuvers of mind that have this world so messed up to begin with. I will not consider it a point of pride to be an 'adherent' to anything asking me to forfeit my 'better sense' in fear of some karmic consequence wholly extrinsic to my situation.

I fear for your clarity even though you have the sanction of authority in your corner.


: I was expecting someone would be making a remark such as you but Skywaker gave you the site to go to and find out about it so I hope you went there and read what this is all about. Just by your statement in itself shows that you don't know the whole issue. When His Holiness makes a profound statement and did declare this issue it did cause problems, he is still our main man and we as Buddhist listen to him. I take it very personally as your short statement inferres he is not important or if you are a active Buddhist, are you in that particular sect that has been causing havoc in the Tibetan community not just in Dharmsala but all over the world.. But each to their own belief but don't walk into the other sects and expound on that as I don't think you would be welcomed.

: Susan

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