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Posted by Susan ( on October 09, 2000 at 20:49:41:

In Reply to: Re: Dorjeshugden-Jim C posted by Jim C. on October 09, 2000 at 00:46:12:

Hi Jim:
I wasn't at all surprised at your remarks back and not really even offended by them. You are correct that it has been murkey waters for all of us Buddhist regardless of sect. I am not really pleased that this subject was brought up but at least those that were curious about it or wanted to know more, Skywalker once again took us to the source.
Even if you would go down and do a Search on this web, you will some more information is on this subject.
I don't want to debate either as it makes me physically ill to my stomach and it frightens me even more to those that have no knowledge on Buddhism as incorrect information could have great karma conditions set up that could do harm to people.
Practioners always try to our practices which are pure and to be real frank, it is magic in the highest sense. I don't like the word magic as it is inapproite but spiritually it is better to stay with purity and not tainted things. You are dealing with enities and with energy that are thousands of years old and the transformation can be like nothing words can say.
Yes, there were riots not just here in NY but also in New Dalai but I think when attempted assinations and actualy murder are done in the name of this subject,well makes one wonder.
In the end, we each have of choices, what you do with your life is your business, just remember you were warned.
Clarity is always a good thing to have and I always appreciate it when someone says something as I go back and check that part of me out. This particular subject, I have great clarity and confidence as to what His Holiness startement and the reasons for why he did what he did.

Best wishes,


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