China:Responding to Aaron from 10-10-00

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Posted by Judith R. Matkari ( on October 11, 2000 at 02:15:28:

Hi Aaron
I to have a problem with what you said not only do I have to boycot products from other countries because of their wrong doings, I have to boycot a lot of my friends who happen to be of many different nationalities, including my x husband but at least he pays taxes in the U. S. A, before he sends all his money back home to his country. I have many good friends who are not from the U. S. A. who are living here now bragging to me that they dont pay any taxes and get help from the u.s. government and lie about everything just to get money here and then say they send it back to their own countries. Then they have the guts to come and try and borrow from me so they can make up the difference. They dont borrow from their own countrymen though that are living here also. I feel the u. s. a. even with all its faults is the place where I was born and , I have an obligation to this country. There are many places worse then this one, so this is it for me now. These friends of mine talk to me of how spiritual they are and at the same time they do not want to work here and they want every penny they can get from the govenment and they think I am well off so they can put the bite on me all the time. I worked hard for what I have and I willingly help when ever I can and also my x husband did and still does help, but always critisizes the U.S.A. I have observed this for the last twenty years now without saying out anything. I love all people from all over the world, but at this time I am rather scared that the U.S.A. is being rather raped and if it keeps up we all will be in big trouble. Maby by giving jobs to all those countries we can help. And if we boycot then those few people that do not have help from their own countries, won't have help. It was very hard for me to say all this because all those people that I love are really not those who should be here raping those who want to help just for the sake of having as much monitary things as they can get. We in the society of the United States are being chastised for supposedly being stronger then others so to speak. And at the same time their are people wanting us to help their governments to help those less fortunate in their contries. Those of us who share do not have to be even told to do this but as I have said before, some of my very old friends who are buddhist and from many other countries and my own country have told me I should be ashamed of living here , so should I then not talk to all of you on this program and boycot. No, I still go on becaause I have that freedom in here and in my country to talk and walk and speak out like now as to what I need to say. So you Aaron who bring up a loaded question like boycotting is strong news for me as someone who was boycotted by those same ones who wanted loans to further their studies in buddhism and the same ones I have to talk to even as I speak are buddhist. Where do I draw the line. Do I not speak to just a few of those who preach out about buddhist teachings or do I just go on in this wide circle of teachings and compete to talk, or do what, is my question. This is a very big problem with me now having gone through those kinds of tacky situations. I resolve to try each day to enlighten my soul to go ahead forward and help the others who enlighten the souls of mankind. So with that I will be quiet for now. Thank you for bringing up the subject that I myself did not have the courage to do as I to am not doing all or enough, it seems like at this time because of so many wanting and not willing to work, but that does not speak for all those who do work very hard and really need some extra and are willing to work hard along with all of us who wish to do so without being coerced into it. I can go on sometimes only because I love to talk and go for it myself. I want to notice myself as someone who went forward and tried to help those less fortunate, but the time for the U.S.A. seems a little short with all those countries wanting so much. The people suffer here and no help from those who borrow or what ever. I still will go on talking to people from all walks of life as long as I can speak and lift my arms to carry some food or something to help.
Lots of love to you all. This is not as negative as it sounds only very sad for me to experience. I will keep trying.
Judith R.

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