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Posted by Susan ( on October 11, 2000 at 21:00:24:

In Reply to: China:Responding to Aaron from 10-10-00 posted by Judith R. Matkari on October 11, 2000 at 02:15:28:

Dear Judith:
I read your mail very throughly and it took courage for you to write as you did and I find that very admirable. I have found myself writing very carefully on this forum so people won't take things the wrong way or offend in some way but yours was refreshing. I don't think Aaron expected that kind of reply.
This boycotting (ms) is hard to do as almost everything you buy says "Made in China" and even for the benefit of the Tibetans, it doesn't realy help. Our government, businessmen have taken jobs out of the US for the simple reason of cheap labor and brings it back in to us and we buy it.
You can't fight the above as it is connected to money and pure greed and that has always been the law of the world except we are getting more greedy and people just don't realize what we are selling giving away our world.
I read in the paper the other day that there is only 277 Million people in the US and we are suppose to carry the world and whoever got that idea is beyong my thinking. We make deals with other countries and they want the money but they don't care about us, actually we are thought of with hatred and all the other adjectives that go along with that.
I have always said to those that speak unkindly of us, "Why do you want to come here", yet all want to come.
There are so many people in our country that are poor and suffer greatly and we turn our backs on them and ourselves(goverment) and we should be so ashamed of ourselves. If people think they have any control over their lives, they are sadly mistaken, one right after another is being pulled from us and we all just keep going after that mighty buck and when we lose something, its like a big surprise.
I, too, have been like you and loaned money, my couch, my clothes, my food and whatever else I had to give because my heart moved so greatly but I think that unless you have experience proverty and the lack of necessities, you don't have a clue of what is being written here.
I have lived all over the world and seen how others have lived and I am very disillusioned with it all, I still am a US Citizen, and can't find a better place to be on a permanent bases.
Don't ever boycotte friends because someone its the right thing to do, they are wrong. Regardless of face, greed and differences, we all struggle to just live and all suffer equally. We each need to say thank you that our karma is here in the US.
Now to those that have wealth, let them use it wisely as that is why it was given.
I can't tell you what place or store you are going to be able to walk in and not find something made in China and tho I don't agree with their policies,they are the same as you and I.
In my closing remarks to you, especially, that when you give everything away, who will be there to help you? Now that sounds selfish but that is reality in its truest form. Its not fun to dig in the trash and pick out bottles and cans and gather papers to just be able to live or exist. Winter is fast approching and already in my paradise, the night is cold and I am just grateful that I have a warm place to be. Protect yourself.
Now these may not be spiritual words but be rest assured that thosen spiritual Institutions makes sure that they are alright but they sacrifice the rest to be where they are.
Judith, like you, I didn't mean to write so much but thank you for reminding us that there is another reality out here and should not be overlooked.


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