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Posted by Susan ( on October 11, 2000 at 22:36:14:

In Reply to: Re: Non-shugden posted by Jim C. on October 09, 2000 at 02:50:52:

Good Evening, Jim:

I was curious as to how you were going to respond to my mail. I am glad that you wrote what you did.
This whole thing started when the Dalai Lamas entered into all of this and the history of them are a facinating study. If you would go deeper into this, you would find that most of the Dalai Lamas did not live long lives and only the 5th, 7th, 13th and now the 14th have lived long lives.
It has been, what is the word I want to use, used for control in the upper echlon (ms) of authority and who controled who. Even the 5th was sent off on a trip and killed, the 7th I can't remember and the 13th was found to have had in his heel of his shoe a prayer of negativity was found and I can't remember the source where it originated from and there is still questions as to how the 13th really died.
It was the 13th that traveled and realized what was good for his people and he tried to make changes and the Monasteric Heads and upper class of Tibetans were totally against any ideas of change and the 13th Dalai Lama wrote his will and told his people what was going to take place in the future and it has all come to be as he said.
He was a fine looking man when he started but by the time he died, made it to 54 years,(Approx.)was so wore out and bloated up and you would never have realized his former appearance.
He realized that he needed to leave and get back so he could take his peope forward as the Tibetans were going to be of need of him so badly.
His words in his will started happening so fast that it took a large deal of money for the Tibetans to buy him back, the Chinese kept him hostage form to speak of. Was he the right choice, well I think history speaks and will speak for itself and especially for the Tibetan people themselves.
He left once for India but made statement that what good would he be if he stayed and didn't return for his people and he returned. He watched the Chinese come and went to China, a child really, and returned once again to Llasa. The Chinese, for whatever their reason wanted him dead, bottom line and his own people surrounded the Potala in thousands to protect him and in a play he was to attend with no bodyguards, he bought some time and finally realized he had to go and left in the middle of the night with nothing in hand except as a normal human being.
The rest of the story I am sure you are quite aware of as its been written and even taped and I have read the letters he wrote the Chinese along with all the newspaper articles that were written at that period of time. Chinese were just livid and India, what could she do except offer refuge but India sold the Tibetans out too.
I have met this man many times in my life and been involved with his people many years and they still struggle and those left behind, my heart bleeds and my eyes shed tears for my Tibetan Brother and Sister for the price they paid for us here in the West that when we listen to teachings or receive empowerments, that none of them have ever had what we take for granted. That even a visual of him in any home guantees one will be going to prison.
My heart has always felt sad for this man that he carries the responsibility for his people, there is no escape for him to just be a monk.
When this issue came into being, I couldn't believe what was happening, how could this take place that this group were going to maintain their position and the violence that has occured and still takes place is beyond beief.
I know this is long but I had to put my own words onto this forum. He is now in his 60"s and what is going to happen when he departs for the Tibetans.
Enough of this scenio, you mentioned Varjrasattva and that delighted me for you see he has been my main man for over 18 years along with a few others but he has cared for me, protected me and everything else imaginable and when I go to my death, I will go with him in the assurance that I will be in the best of hands.

Take care,


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