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Posted by Susan Stierli ( on October 11, 2000 at 23:36:55:

Seven days ago I waked into my Sanga here where we did Tsok and my Lamas and everyone around me had their big drums and bells and their practice in front of them and I brought nothing except myself. I had this big couch to myself and I went into silence as everyone started practice and as I listened to their drums and the bells and the Tibetan language go into ritual, I thought of each of you as if I had brought you each with me. I felt my teachers and mothers decend on each of us and as always we finished and I was able to say that, to all sentinal beings and to those we wished enlightment for, I could feel the blessings flow out and when I returned home that evening, I sat here in silence and wanted to get on line and say what I am saying tonight but silence and the flow of the blessings continued and I couldn't make my way to the computer, then on Saturday, I knew I had better get on the line and say what I wanted as thoughts were disappearing along with the words and I lost them but this evening I just finished an empowerment of the Medicine Buddha and once again I brought each of you with me and praying that the blessings I was receiving would be able to reach each of you. So before I end this session and lose words perhaps I can say the following as I go back into silence for the night.
To each of you that only read and don't write, to those that read and respond and to those of you that write such beautiful teachings, I have asked the highest blessings to each of you that wherever you are in your life, whatever difficulities you are having, whatever your search in finding answers and in every aspect in your lives, that may all the Buddhas of the past and present, decend on you all and may all your wishes be fulfilled in all ways that is possible. May all illness, may all sorrows, may all pains of life be removed, all obsticles be removed and may you each find enlightment in this life time.

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