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Posted by Rockie ( on October 12, 2000 at 05:50:53:

In Reply to: a need to humble myself posted by Brian Taylor on October 11, 2000 at 13:56:28:

Consider every person, animal, every living being as your mother, because they could be your mother in previous lives (since we exist in samsara for a very long time we have already been in all possible relations with all living beings, as parents, children, brethren,sisters,teachers, disciples, friends, enemies etc. in previous lives). Think how much they have done for you being your mothers and in other cases, how they took care about you bringing you up. So share unlimited love to all beings.Also think that you are blessed to learn Dharma, to practice, to avoid creating bad karma, to attain enlightenment one fine day,it's unimaginably rare chance to meet Dharma in samsara and that other people, not knowing Dharma are creating bad karma for themselves because of ignorance and can even rebirth in horrible realms, where they will suffer unbearable pains and it's very sad. So share unlimited compassion to others. Give money to poor, donate tranquility to distressful person, share your Dharma knowledge and positive experience of practice with ignorant people. It will develop your altruism.

: i believe i have determined that i lack humility. my thoughts center too much on myself, even to the point of it sometimes being completely out of my conscious control.

: i want to teach myself humility and center my thoughts towards spirtual enlightenment and peach with the universe. does anyone have any suggestions for how i can accomplish this?

: any thoughts are welcome, please!

: brian

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