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Posted by Susan ( on October 15, 2000 at 18:23:53:

In Reply to: Re: China:Responding to Aaron from 10-10-00 posted by Sergio on October 13, 2000 at 10:15:01:

This is a forum that one can discuss political issues and its not an attack on people but you took it very personally. WHY? Your comment about the US being in all the wars, well we didn't start them all. Remember those 277 Million US compared to the other 6 Billion souls here.
Your anger should not be at the US, it should be at your own country or countries that do right for their people. Why should the US be the savior to the world?
I live in California where there is a long border between Mexico and us and I make $500 a month from my disability and have to get by for rent but anyone can come from anywhere and get the best medical care, get welfare to stay and I stand behind many who have young babies that can"t speak my language and I watch cheese, milk, and food stamps and more go out and I can hardly feed myself.
For your information, about 5 years, there were a 1,000 Tibetans allowed to imigrate to this country but they had to have sponsors and not allowed any help in any level from the government, medical, food, housing, etc.
Now, as a American, there is not a country that is going to take me in and care for me and that is fact. This is not political, its just hard facts and true facts.
Don't put everything on us Americans to carry, you have your own countries.
I am not really trying to make you angry here but somewhere along the line, you got the wrong idea of the US. Why does the world blame us for all their problems and demands for money, there are other countries- Europe, etc.


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