Re: samadhi and nirvana - the same?

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Posted by curtis ( on October 21, 2000 at 03:48:50:

In Reply to: Re: samadhi and nirvana - the same? posted by Rockie on October 20, 2000 at 06:07:35:

I think you misunderstood my post, I was trying to figure out whether the Buddha did in fact displayed psychic powers in order to make people a convert, as pointed on at the intro to the wings of awakening, since the Buddha did taught you should never display psychic powers in the public.


: It's dangerous for us to concentrate only on technical practices. It's neccessary to accumulate great ammounts of merits doing virtuous deeds when you practice. The great number of good deeds will guarantee some degree of inner stability. Developing supernatural powers without accumulating merits simultaniously can cause creating of bad karma and even lead to madness or death in some cases. I hope everybody overcomes these problems successafully. Good luck !
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: : I've read quite a few literatures on both kriya yoga and buddhism, and there's always mention of the word "samadhi" in kriya yoga, where a person can attain "god consciousness" by opening up the "chakras" and awake the kundalini. Is nirvana the same as samadhi, arriving on the same state of liberation, but just through different method or training? Please share your thoughts on this. Thank you.

: : Also, knowing that The Buddha would never displayed any psychic power to proof a point, since I think he said somewhere doing so means you are no bettter than being a prostitute. but I was reading this article on "wings of awakening" on buddhanet,here's the link:

: :

: : its says:

: : "The Buddha employed various means of instilling faith in his listeners, but the primary means fall into three classes: his character, his psychic powers, and his powers of reason. When he gave his first sermon-to the Five Brethren, his former compatriots-he had to preface his remarks by reminding them of his honest and responsible character before they would willingly listen to him. When he taught the Kassapa brothers, he first had to subdue their pride with a dazzling array of psychic feats. ....."

: : Is this account accurate or was it just a myth?

: : --curtis

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