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Posted by Rockie ( on October 21, 2000 at 08:20:01:

In Reply to: mantras for real? posted by curtis on October 21, 2000 at 03:56:31:

The structure of universe is following : The world of Non-Form (causal world), which consists of light particles (photons), World of Forms (astral world), which consists from sound vibrations and the world of phenomena ( our material world, realm of desire in other words), which consists from material particles (moleculae and others). The quality of these worlds differ.The causal world is most perfect, the astral world is more rough and the realm of desire is most rough realm. The upper causal world is a pure light world, not associated with any other realm. The upper astral world is mixed with the middle causal world ( it's a world of light mixed with sound vibrations). And the realm of desire (phenomenal world) rests on the lowest part of causal world and the lower part of astral world ( light is mixed with sound vibrations and material particles). The upper causal world (world of Non-Form) is an unimaginably high realm. There are not many living beings in this world. The upper astral world ( world of Forms) is a high realm also. Some gods live here.The realm of desire is a low realm, but it includes a few relatively happy realms of heavens and demigods.Therefore the possibility to influence material phenomena ( like possibility to create, change, destroy, move material things, for instance) is the simpliest way of acting, because it deals with the lowest and most primitive realm. The possibility to influence sound vibrations (mantras, chants, prayers etc.) means the dealing with the realities of astral world,creating, changing, destroying, moving of astral, non-material phenomena. It's influencing of higher and more subtle level of universe. The higher level of universe you can influence, the greater results you can attain. Mantras create relevant changes in world of Forms, it's like purposeful, precisious working in a subtle, non-material realm, which is not reachable with purely material means. Sorry, if I made any mistakes. Good luck !

: Hi again:

: Does anyone have any good experience reciting mantras? like om mani padme hum? Isn't prayers and mantras regarded as useless by The Buddha? Is mantra only used by Tantric buddhism? I read in the Tibetan buddhism sites that if you recite the quan yin mantra 300,000 times you will cleanse away alot of bad karma, how's that possible? If that is the case then buddhism is even more absurd that prayers in christianity, don't you think? please comment.

: curtis

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