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Posted by curtis ( on October 21, 2000 at 17:19:09:

In Reply to: Re: mantras for real? posted by Mister Hebat on October 21, 2000 at 16:32:23:

Hello Mister Hebat:

thanks alot for your comment, I now understand this issue much better. So to paraphrase, you are saying we still need to take refuge in the Dharma..noble eightfold path and five precepts, etc, but the mantras is a gift from the bodhisattvas so that we can follow the Dharma more "effortlessly"? again, thank you.

: Dear Budhist friends,

: Just to share my thought, maybe this can help.
: There a lazy person that don't have no money, logically they can not buy anything to eat.
: Then a rich come and take pity of this person, he give something from his richful kitchen to this person, and the person can have enough food.
: After eating the good rich person tell the lazy poor man to work dilligently so he can have enough to eat, for entire his life.
: This lazy poor man change his view and be dilligent, working hard, and after many years he become rich. He remember as he was still a poor man, so a felling of compassion arises from his heart, and he continue to help the other poor persons.

: Let we renounce this story, logically the poor lazy man that have no money can not buy food, if he want to buy food he must possess money, and working hard. This is the view of Theravada Buddhist. This view is very good because teach you to help yourself. So they don't use any mantra or Dharani.

: But we shouldn't forget, that there are still living beings, that have a very very better Karma as us.
: They are like the rich man in the story above.They called Bodhisatva. So the poor man still can enjoy food from the mercy of the rich man.This is the view of Mahayana Buddhist.
: But after enjoying the food the poor man must change his habit and repair his life according to Dharma.

: The very basic of Buddhism is cause and effect Teaching. So if you want to get "Blessing" from Boddhisatva you must have a reason, why the Boddhisatva should give you something.
: What is the easiest way? Recite Mantra and Dharani! This activity plant also good Karma. Because if you recite this you can train meditation. Your mind unity with the mind of Buddha and Boddhisatva.
: If you practice it you can calm your mind, etc
: It is many benefits to recite Mantra and Dharani.
: It is like Vipassana Meditation of Theravada Buddhism.

: So I think that Mahayana and Theravada is bassically same, but use different way to reach the destinations.

: Please forgive me if I make a mistake

: Mister Hebat

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