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Posted by True Buddha ( on October 30, 2000 at 00:15:11:

During my meditation, I usually first visualize
my whole body as transparent, as luminous as
colored glaze. Our body has three channels of
blood; the middle, the left and the right, all
straight and parallel, clearly visible. The
middle channel is shaped like a loudspeaker,
large at the top leading to the brain, and
tapering off at the bottom. The left and right
channels go to the head side by side with the
middle channel, and then turn back to the

Sitting in meditation, keep your mouth shut. Press the left nostril
with the ring finger of the left hand, and breathe through the right
nostril. Visualize that the luminosity of all Buddhas and
Bodhisattvas fills up the whole Void, and that you are breathing in
the luminosity through the right nostril. When breathing is
sufficient, press the right nostril with your right hand. This time,
the luminosity travels through the right channel to the place below
the navel, and then enters the left channel, goes upward, and goes
out through the left nostril.

All the karmic hindrances and black chi (prana) and all the devil's
hindrances are washed away by the luminosity in the right channel,
and are expelled through the left nostril. (editor's note: This
practice was later formalized by Grand Master Lu as the Nine
Round Breath Technique, and is used by True Buddha cultivators
as a prelude to meditation)

Perform the practice three times; take in the luminosity from the
right nostril, and expel the black chi through the left nostril. Then,
press the right nostril with the ring finger of the right hand so as to
let in the luminosity through the left nostril, which goes to the right
channel to drive the karmic hindrances out through the right
nostril. Now press the left nostril with the ring finger of the left
hand, and follow the same procedure, but for different
directions--take in the luminosity through the right, and let out the
black smoke through the left. Perform this practice three times.

Finally, form the "meditation mudra". In a meditating position, put
the two hands on your lap, with the left hand on the right hand and
the two thumbs touching. Visualize the two nostrils, and inhale the
luminosity. The breath enters the right and left
channels(simultaneously), and the two merge below the navel
chakra and enter the middle channel. When they get to the top of
the crown, they are blocked and go back to the navel area. Then
they ascend along the original channels until the black smoke exits
through both nostrils. Also perform this practice three times.

The present writer knows that this practice is the initial training for
meditation. It is a training for inhaling the light and exhaling the
dark. The light from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas pour into the
body while the dark smoke of karmic hindrances are driven out of
the body. Honestly, if you practice htis and get to know all about
the ins and outs, all your capillaries will emit light, because the light
of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas has entered your body,and the
black smoke inside has been eradicated. This spiritual power can
wash clean all afflictions, ignorance, desire and other sins.
Naturally, the fruition of Buddhahood will be achieved.

In addition, there are four visualizations:
1.Visualize the Root Guru appearing in the space before and above
you, who sends down a beam of light to cover you up, so that you
can sit still without fear.
2.Visualize the Root Guru moving onto your crown chakra,
emitting strong light. Nectar from the light empowers you to fill up
your body and eradicate all sins and hindrances. Black smoke exits
from all capillaries, and then you feel relieved and peaceful, with
great freedom.
3.Visualize the Root Guru turning into a drop of light about the
size of a grain of rice. The light enters your body through the
crown chakra to the moon disk lotus seat. Now the Root Guru is
on the lotus seat above your heart.
4.Visualize the Root Guru growing bigger and bigger to the same
size as you, so that you and the Root Guru become one. At this
stage, you are the Root Guru, and the Root Guru is you. When the
two become one, there is no more difference between your
achievement and that of the Root Guru.

During each visualization, you must recite the Root Guru's Heart
Mantra a hundred and eight times. This is the supreme method of
visualization that all enlightened people practised; it is also the
supreme method by which all Buddhas, out of kindness and
compassion, radiate various types of light to embrace the sentient
beings. It is an inconceivable method to attain Buddhahood and to
subdue devils and eradicate karmic hindrances. It is the most
solemn and secretive. Today I disclose this great method without
the slightest reservation. This is a great event in the human world,
and a great event for the Ling Xian School.

In fact, this Tantric visualization is no different from the "refined
thinking" in Taoism. In what follows, I will explain why this is so.

Light comes from the same wind )prana) from Heaven and Earth,
Yin and Yang. This wind exists both in an individual and in the air.
In either visualization or refined thinking, there is no response at
the initial stage--it seems there are responses, but it also seems that
there are not. However, in any event, if you persist in practicing
for a hundred days, a light drop seems to suddenly appear from
the Earth. This little light drop is the result of a hundred day's
training. With this light drop, there will be some response. If one
does not persevere in his practice, visualization will come to no

Other people tend to think that, in our meditation, one breath lasts
only one tenth of a second, but I think that one breath lasts as long
as a hundred years. We should know that ordinary people's
breathing is indeed very brief, but breathing in meditation lays the
foundation for ten thousand years and stops you from falling into
the cycle of thousands of births and deaths. Isn't that breathing
long lasting? Ordinary people's breathing is emotion-based, and the
Yang prana goes away with each passing day. After decline and
death, what awaits them is the nether world and the cycle of the
six realms of existence, with thousands of births and deaths. The
practitioners' breathing is the Yang prana leading to the luminosity,
never to decline or exhaust. This spirit and energy all concentrate
at the crown chakra, which makes it easy for them to live long or
to ascend to Heaven.

I often think that the life of a human is a drop of the True Nature,
and that the light in the Universe fills up the six directions. We can
use this light drop in our meditation day after day---this will be
inconceivable achievement of luminosity. Our practice should not
cease even for a single day--any interruption in practice will result
in the decline of the light. One can practice from the simple to the
complex, moving from a crude manner to a more elaborate
fashion, but never in and "off and on" style, let alone stopping
altogether.Persist until all your body radiates strong light and your
True Nature takes refuge in the Ocean of Truth. That is the final

In my meditation, Master Padmasambhava told me that the
meditation posture should be like that of Buddha, majestic and
dignified. The back of the seat should be slightly raised so that the
breathing is even and smooth. It is best to sit in the Full Lotus
Position; if that proves difficult the Free Position will also do. The
Meditation Mudra is preferred, although you can also form the
Root Guru Mudra, if you are following his teachings. The two
shoulders should be straight and on the same height. Remember
that it is best to breathe evenly and gently; heavy breathing or
gasping are not good. Keep your eyes on the tip of your nose, with
the upper eye lashes fallen, or keep looking straight ahead without
too much effort. Keep the tongue raised to the hard palate. This is
standard posture for meditation.

The first problem that a beginning practitioner has is unceasing
distracting thoughts. This is only normal. Beginners should not be
afraid of distracting thoughts; whenever they rise, it is best to
ignore them. If you have to deal with them, just trace their source
and stop them where they rise. First stop the distracting thoughts
and use visualization to prevent their continuing flow. This is what
we call "stopping evil thoughts and meditating on the truth" in
Buddhism, or "tranquility and wisdom". With tranquility, you can
stop evil thoughts; with wisdom, you will emit light.
The meditation for luminosity is a great method leading to
Buddhahood and godhood. All sages praise it. Sakyamuni says,
Meditate on one's mind and attain realization".
Lao Zi, the sage of Morality, says, "Inner visualization results in
Master Padmasambhava says, "Enlightenment goes with

Some people say that this light is neither inside our bodies nor
outside, but pervades the thousands of worlds. I say that the light
is both inside and outside and pervades both Heaven and Earth.
When your light radiates in meditation, the light in the Universe
will radiate in response to your light!

What is ridiculously childish is that some self-styled monks who
have not realized this in their practice-who have never sitten in
meditation, not do they know much about it, nevertheless ask
people to believe in them.We can ask: "What is there to believe
in? What is the difference between such belief and Christianity
or Catholicism? What is the use of it?"

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