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Posted by Sergio ( on November 01, 2000 at 09:46:47:

In Reply to: Non-Thought posted by Master Sheng-yen Lu's Teaching on November 01, 2000 at 00:05:15:

I just want to say that the “non-thought” topic mentioned in this beautiful text refers to a no conceptual thought, which DOESN’T MEAN a state without thinking. I say this because it is easily to confuse. Under powerful concentration states, you can access to these experiences and in those experiences the discursive and conceptual thought disappears. But you still have something in mind. In any case we always have somehting in mind. Even when we are slept we have something in mind (like dreams). For example, in dreams our conceptual thought reduces strongly, because it is a more subtle state of mind. In dreams our perception is more flexible, we can perceive things in a very different way, without inherent existence. Time also. We can dream that we are still in the Collage (past) and our teacher is our actual boss, and the classroom is under the ocean. This means that our definitions of reality break. We don’t see a wall as a wall, or if we see it as a wall, it can change and become a dragon. Everything is possible. In dreams you don’t say if something is wrong or right, or make any kind of judgement. Your conceptual thought decreases and you just experience, feel. There is an event and then other one, without control. But with these concentration states, there is control and there is an object of concentration. There is thinking, but as an experience, not as a conceptual thought with our definitions of the reality. That means “non-thought” in the text.

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