Cultivation of the Mind

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Posted by Master ( on November 02, 2000 at 02:24:43:

In most religious sects, such as Wen Xian-ming's Unification
Religion, People's Church in the U.S., Lin Yun's Bon sect in
Tantric Buddhism, or Brahmanism in India, they either practice
heretical ways or go in for extreme leadership. Although they
might be in vogue for a time, with numerous disciples, none of
them advocate the cultivation of the mind. They are superficial
and spread unchecked.
As regards, Islam and Christianity, there is some blind faith in one
god; one is Allah and one is Jehovah. Their teachings are
simple---as long as the believers do good, they all finally go to the
Heavenly State. Such is the traditional belief among westerners
and some people in Arabia. There is no cultivation of the mind.
They only believe that there is a Heavenly State where they can
finally go and remain eternally. When they pass away, the
kind-hearted go to Heaven, while the evil souls go to Hell.
Confucianism, represented by Confucius, teaches etiquette as the
ethical code. It does not encourage the cultivation of the mind
either. It is still within the confines of distinguishing kind souls and
evil souls.
Only Buddhism teaches people to become Buddhas by
themselves; only Taoism teaches people to become gods by
themselves. In this case, Buddhahood and god-hood is attained by
one's own efforts to cultivate one's mind, not sent by a God high
above the believers, who are his children. If you practice
Buddhism or Taoism, you can cutlivate yourselves to become
Buddhas or gods and gain complete freedom and self-mastery,
which is "Realization". The mind-cultivating method is the
ultimate superior Dharma. I call this Dharma of cultivation for
Enlightenment upon firm ground, The Art of Meditation or
Meditation for Luminosity.
The Pure Land in Buddhism has the adornment of the Seven
Treasures (gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, agate, rubies and
carnelian); the Fairy Land in Taoism has jade cities and red
palaces with thriving trailing plants and doorsteps broad and high.
These pure lands and jade cities do exist, not only in Buddha
lands, but also in every individual--it is the "Ling Tai" for
Buddhists, and "Huang Ting" for Taoists. This place is on your
face--the central point between the eyebrows, but slightly above
the eyebrows.
This central point is called "Heavenly Heart". If it emits
golden-colored light, it means that the individual has achieved
Enlightenment. (Those who are trained in observation of light
would focus their attention to the light emitting from here.) If gold
light is emitted, the person is a realized monk. If there appears red
light, the person is a sage. Grey light foretells misfortune or bad
luck. Black light predicts great tragedy or evil. If the light from the
central point is focused, it means you have gotten the Truth. If
you have the lights of the Buddha wisdom concentrated there, you
become a Buddha by nature. If the light is not focussed but
scattered, it is difficult to tell whether you will become a Buddha
or a celestial. When the light is not focussed, your spirit is not
concentrated, and cannot be its own master yet. Without
self-mastery, you are still tied to the cyclic rebirths--which means
that you have not realized and are far away from sublimity.
"Merging your own heart with the Universe Heart" simply means
making your own "brow-point" conform to the Universe Heart. At
the superficial level, this is to follow the Five Precepts and Ten
Virtues. The Christian and Catholic teachings encouraging people
to do good are, in fact, teaching people to behave as required by
the Universe Heart. This is the least that humans should do. When
they fail to do so, they lose their human form and fall to the
category of animals.
The cultivation of the Heavenly Heart, however, is not that
simple. It is cultivation of one's nature, which goes right into the
ego. It is genuine cultivation to "awaken to the One Mind, and see
one's Original Nature under the lineage guru." We know that the
light spot that concentrates at the brow-point is the celestial root of
the Buddha Child. It resembles the Emperor-seated on his throne,
with ministers and generals standing by on both sides, ready to
take orders from their Emporer, never to go against him. This spot
of light I am advising you to cultivate is that of which the
Surangama Sutra says, " Purified thinking is sure to ascend to
Having read these lines, intelligent readers would know that what I
am writing is the truth. The Art of Meditation relies on this spot of
light to attain Buddhahood. This spot is not to be confused with
the spot the Xian Tian Sect (in Taiwan) talks about, but a spot of
light that gathers from meditation. So the light settles on the
eyebrows center, but its force of concentration comes from
meditation. It is also "Illumination of Quietitude". This method is
the Heart Mudra--both natural and cultivated, since it is our
original nature and original spirit which cannot be seen. People
who practice this method must be most intelligent, and most calm
and quiet.
Work all the spriritual light upwards to gather together at the
brow-point to form one spot. The only secret is : visualize the
Heavenly Heart of the Sun and the Moon.
The gold light at the central point is your true self. When your
Heavenly Heart merges with that of the Universe, you become a
Buddha. This present writer knows clearly that most sentient
beings in the mundane world would mistake "the smelly skin bag"
for themselves. In fact, this "skin bag" is some false combination
of various things on Earth; when the time comes, it returns to
Earth. The real master is your soul, which in one realm of
transmigration becomes a human, and in the next realm a pig, or a
snake (that everyone is afraid of), or a bird, for all I know. This
cyclic transmigration goes on and on, but never beyond the Six
Realms of Existence. Therefore, I want my readers to know
clearly that the form of our human body is temporary and illusory,
and that we are living in a mundane world as ordinary men. We
must see through this "smelly skin bag" and start cultivating now,
so as to discover our true essence inside it.
Once the Six Harmonies are brought into one united whole, the
Heavenly Heart will emit light, and your Original Nature will
appear; which is your true ego. You true nature is Buddha; your
true nature is god. Don't be blinded by the Six Senses, the six
objects of Sensation, or the Eight Consciousnesses, so as to forget
your Original Nature.
I have a picture of myself in which my forehead is surrounded by
some strong gold light, radiating quite some distance from the
center. This picture was taken by Dr. Xia Yong-han from New
York. You don't usually see such light, but it can our when I
suddenly concentrated for the camera. Your true ego reveals itself
by rays of golden light radiating from the central point when you
stare at the Void, hearing nothing, smelling nothing, tasting
nothing, touching nothing, thinking no unhealthy thoughts, making
no distinctions, with neither love nor hatred, with nothing to
possess or abandon, treating all as equals.
Today is the latter period for the Dharma. Many strange religious
sects are raising their heads, even among Christianity and
Catholicism. These new sects have very irrational doctrines.
There are also many collateral branches in Buddhism and Taoism.
Some people indulge in empty talk about Buddhist doctrines, but
have achieved no realization in practice. They shout themselves
hoarse, but to no avail. The Bon Sect in Tibet is such a group.
The strange thing is that there are even people who support and
advocate it, trying to turn backwards the Wheel of the Dharma-a
disgrace to the cultivation of the mind in Tantrayana. The true
doctrines of Buddhism have been gradually forgotten. Many
masters are no longer aware of the "art of meditation", or the
essence of Buddhist and Taoist doctrines. Some masters now
specialize in delivering the souls of the deceased by shcnting
sutras, letting off fire crackers or singing like actors or singers.
Monks are doing even worse; they are now professionals in taking
part in funeral processions, seeing the coffin to the top of a
mountain amidst drums and gongs. It is a great tragedy that
Buddhism and Taoism, which are paths leading to Buddhahood or
godhood, should have deteriorated to such a state!
There are people who have great affinity with Buddhism and
Taoism and who search for true ways of cultivating, but they find
not a practice site nor a correct method of cultivation of the mind
or true nature. Temples and monasteries built for tourist purposes
are getting bigger and bigger, but with few pious monks in them.
Real practitioners have no say in these temples; things are drifting
along with the Karmic wheel. Isn't that a shame!
Just at this time, the present writer intends to lay bare,
unconditionally, the Heavenly Heart Method for the Illumination
of Meditation, so that the correct doctrines come back to the
world again, for the deliverance of sentient beings. This is like the
emission of true Dharma light when Buddhism is waning. The
illumination contains the essential teachings of Meditation,
highlights of Tantrayana, and the greatest achievement of the Pure
Land. The method takes the Land of Eternal, Tranquil Light as
the final refuge, and attaches great importance to practice rather
than empty talks on a theory. I do not make empty
promises--whoever practices it, be it a thousand or ten thousand,
will all go to the Land of Eternal, Tranquil Light.
Remember: Our Heavenly Heart should merge with the Heavenly
Heart of the Universe."
When all the lights from the body condense at the Heavenly Heart
(brow-point), that spot is our Original Nature. The awakened
Nature is innate in us, and can be realized by cultivation. Empty
talk brings no benefit. Don't miss this opportunity. I hereby issue
this appeal to my dear readers!

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