Guru? go by compassion, not ego

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Posted by SkySitter ( on November 04, 2000 at 04:19:45:

In Reply to: Re: My view regarding "guidance", Dharma Student posted by Dharma Student on November 04, 2000 at 00:38:49:

: Thank you for your concern, SkySitter.

: But it seems you misunderstood. I didn't mean we should rely on guidance. But I am sure everyone has at least one teacher for practical advices.

: I went thru the process before. I started practising with my knowledge from reading and hearing from others, I thought I was going pretty well until one day I chanced to sit under the guidance of a very experienced (don't worry, he's not from any of those cults !-)), he pointed out so many things and I started to realize there are so many things that should be aware of.

: Of course, everyone should be different. That's why learning from a person is more preferred than readings, because an experienced teacher can give you advices according to your situations, but if I learned from readings, I am just telling from my own experiences, it's more likely that we're drawn to something that appeals to our egos but is not necessarily good for us.

: Not we shouldn't rely on teachers completely, what I meant is, especially if I'm interested in learning a particular subject, I would like to learn straight from the source. So that whatever doubts or queries I have in mind I can immediately ask.

: I've just read too much. Somehow I feel that the more I read the more questions I had, that's why I think I need someone to ask.

: I hope this makes it very clear. And thanks for your concern.

: BTW, you mentioned fake gurus. Are there any principle you use to identify who are fake? It seems that those who are commonly considered fake can also talk a great deal of Dharma. It makes it hard to define.

: Steve

If I am stupid enough to disagree from a guru, is he (and his student) to be compassionate enough for this "lost soul"? Or, they care more about the "good name" of theirs (and can't wait to kick me to hell)?

My wishful thinking: a real enlightened one will be able (with his/her wisdom) to tell exactly what caused me to not to think clearly. Blaming me or attacking me only shows that they are as low as I am.

(I have been very fortunate so far. Whatever they are selling, I am not interested. Many people closed to me are associated with some of the cults. I am not totally against them, either. As stated in I continue to hold the same opinion.)

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