Thanks Moderator and I don't understand what I was accused for...

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Posted by Dharma Student ( on November 05, 2000 at 21:56:01:

In Reply to: Moderator's note on recent posts posted by Tony Page on November 05, 2000 at 18:57:12:

Oh, did SkySitter and I "argue" with each others?

First of all I don't think that was arguement.

Did we argue over any specific school or cult? Did I or SkySitter specifically mention any school or cult? I don't think so. Why thinking that we were talking about any certain group? Interesting.

And hey, what are the "experiences" that make studying sutras and practising Dharma different? Say for example if His Holiness's words can give me a peace of mind, will that also be a kind of experiences? Or if I try my best to have metta and feel in this way that Dharma is very true, will that also be a kind of experience? Or did someone say only supernatural or intense meditative experiences count?

And, oh yeah, if not the experiences of a Dharma learner, I have some experiences as a psychology student, I did see cases of followers of certain teachings ended up having so much trouble, more than that, they also brought other people troubles. That's why I really can be too confident about certain teachings.

But did I actually criticize anyone? I feel being accused of NOTHING.

I rejected Christian long time ago in search of Eastern spiritual traditions because I feel that those Christians are too actively trying to sell their belief to people, and they're almost everywhere, anyone disagree or even just show a little question may get attacked. I saw Christians leaving spams in some Buddhism message boards saying things like the Buddha is in hell because he didn't believe in Christ and all do we see here? Recently I've seen similar things in other places, regarding same a simple seeker, I am only curious...why?

So far, most Buddhists gave me an impression that they are all very tolerate and controlled. I did ask some Buddhists of many different schools regarding those cults, even they generally do not accept certain groups they still said things like "we won't criticize them, just study more and you'll find out" or "you know as Buddhists we should avoid getting into this kind of arguement", that really gave me the confidence.

I am only a simple seeker, anyone who would like to convince me basically do not have much difficulty, it was just those who tried so aggressively to sell their beliefs that pushed me off.

Webmaster, may I ask from your standpoint, was there anything wrong with what I have asked here?

With metta.

p.s. and hey, please respect this place and the webmaster.

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