Sorry to keep asking this but....

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Posted by Remmy on December 02, 1999 at 08:10:47:

I'm sorry to keep asking this question but it's really bugging me, this is the last time I promise! I'll use the term 'living Buddha'. To me a 'living Buddha' means someone who has attained full enlightenment and lives on in that same body to teach others. Sidartha Gautama after his enlightenment but before his physical death is what I'd call a living Buddha - he was a Buddha, a fully enlightened person (I know person isn't technically the correct word but I can't think of a correct word) in a human body. To me, a living Buddha isn't a reincarnation of a Boddhisatva (although I'm not saying I don't believe such people exist), (s)he's a Buddha in the body that attained Nirvana. So, does anyone know if there are any 'living Buddhas' around today or have been around in recent years? I'm asking because my faith really needs a boost.

Thanks a lot.

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