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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on November 09, 2000 at 12:15:32:

In Reply to: Another question posted by David L. on November 09, 2000 at 05:21:25:

The way I understand it is that our egos are illusions, and that nothing is permantent seperate from all other things. There is no duality. The reason life is sacred as near as I can figure is that death leads to further rebirth and that this life must be used to further our advancement. For example, let us say there's this murderer right, and he is put to death in the chair or whatever. What you have done is cast him into a hell where getting out will be many lifetimes of suffering, and he didn't even have the chance to correct his mistakes or go straight in this life, which may have spared him some further anguise. Let us not forget all those involved as well. The person that kills is likely devestating his good karma and merit, slowly damaging his chances for advancment spritiually. Then we have those people that new and/or cared about this person suffering from greif. And then the people that surround those people, and this death effects a huge number of people. This is not just for sadness, but if
people feel great satisfaction, or just a little bit, they are deveopling more delusion which will hinder advancment. Likewise, this sense of releif spreads out. Each person removed a little more will experience a little less, but they will still experience. I mean, I have a friend how knew someone that died, and I still feel that persons grief to an extent even hundreds of miles away. Or my cousin that I did not know well died, and even people I did not know expressed regret at his death, even though they were removed like I was. I don't know, there's likely someone that can explain what I'm getting at, I am just unqualified to explain... maybe I am even wrong. Again let me say, life is not an illusion, because we each live... this is obvoius. The illusion, or delusion, is the idea that there is a self or other; that two things are completly unrelated. Well, that's my peace. Metta.

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