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Posted by Savaka ( on November 09, 2000 at 13:34:44:

In Reply to: Another question posted by David L. on November 09, 2000 at 05:21:25:

The question made me giggle. You made good humour of the issue, David.

My thoughts are like so.

Ever played Monopoly? Although it's just a game, when you are playing it, you don't pick up the other guy's hotel and place it on your little piece of cardboard real estate. You don't take the other guy's money either, although it's just funny money. Because there are the rules, and within the context of the game, the hotels and real estate and money are real.

Much like samsara: this humongous glob of elements, made up of molecules, which in turn are made of atoms, and then are made of protons, electrons, neutrons, positrons and what-not...which are further made up of what physicists call quarks.

Within the context of samsara, existence and the cause-and-effect bundled with it applies. Sacred may be the word, but think of it scientifically or mathematically. Because desecrating the sacred things in Samsara creates an error in the equation and endangers the delicate equillibrium. As a result, cause-and-effect applies.

It is when you seek to opt out of this giant monopoly game that you seek the Buddha's knowledge. There is then a process of walking away from the game. You can't just throw your money down and saunter off.

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