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Posted by Zolla ( on November 09, 2000 at 16:38:00:

In Reply to: Re: Well, just be pacified posted by Sergio on November 09, 2000 at 04:35:32:

Thank you Sergio,
Many years ago when I was first drawn to Buddhism, I was drawn to Tibetan Buddhism. Because it is "the highest" teaching as it claims. Then I began to look around and I also liked Zen for a little while. After a certain while I realized that I had taken Buddhism as a "hobby", when I began to feel I wanted to take Buddhism a little more seriously, I began to think, oh yes, those Zen masters' sayings are really amazing, they seem to be really said by the most "advanced" point-of-view...but do I actually realize anything they say? Do they actually work for me?

After doing such investigation I began to realize, let me really start from the basics.

As Buddhists we are usually attached to certain forms of Buddhism because "it is the highest teaching", we probably do not realize the teachings might not be the best fit for our paramittas.

In the Sutra about Hui Nang he himself also mentioned that he had indeed spent many lifetimes accumulating merits and paramittas and he stated very clearly that his teachings were not his own but also from the Buddha.

So whatever school or sect or tradition we choose to follow, it has to work for us. Maybe for someone who is still looking he might have to give certain teaching a little try, see if it works for him.

Same apply to Tibetan Buddhism. When I was first drawn to it, I was really interested in all those seemingly very forms of practices, I was really curious about all those deities, descriptions of supernatural things...anyway, the more I really study and the more I understand about the basics (all those are already in the earliest teachings of the Buddha) I then began to realize if I go for those "Tantric" teachings without having a solid understanding in the basics, it's very likely that I'll go on a wrong way.

A few years ago when Tibet was suddenly a big hip, everybody wanted to walk into Tantra, now as I see it, those who are still studying are studying more basic things such as "Entering the Bodhisattva Path".

All those foundations are required. All those basics are important. Unless we know for sure that we have already had enough paramittas, as in the case of Hui Nang, otherwise, better be really honest to ourselves. This is all I try to communicate.

May you all be well.

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