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Posted by Myra Lanters on December 03, 1999 at 00:08:43:

my name is Myra and I'm doing a project for school.
I need 50 people to answer the questions below, I have no idea how I'm going to do this so PLEASE help me!!
I'd really appreciate it if you took a minute to answer my questions and send the answers back to me. My e-mail is Thanks a lot!!

1 What is your age?
2 Do you have a religion, if so wich and why that
particular religion?
3 Do you think the human race was created by someone
or something, that we evoluated or something else?
4 Do you believe in fate[everything that happens was
supposed to happen]or do you think we make our own
5 Do you think the future is predictable or not, why
do you think so?
6 Do you believe in paranormal things like ghosts or
magic[everything that hasn't been proven by science]?
7 Do you believe in extraterrestial lifeforms, why or
why not?
8 Do you think there's something beyond death, and why?
9 Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not?
10 Have you ever had a paranormal experience or
encounterd a paranormal being?
That's all!! Please send the answers to
Thankyou very much!!!

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