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Posted by Sergio ( on November 10, 2000 at 14:11:05:

In Reply to: Re:Re: Confusions posted by minimol on November 09, 2000 at 17:40:07:

Well, yes, there is a problem. The problem I see (this is my very personal opinion an it is subjective) is that you are not being training with Buddha’s techniques, but with techniques from Hinduism. Any Swami is an Hinduistic master, and under the Buddhist point of view, Hinduism doesn’t work with the causes of suffering, the roots. Hinduism just works with the symptoms of suffering, not with the causes.

The Buddha was hated by Hinduism in his age because he gave severe critics to it, and he gave a more realistic and pragmatic solution to the problems of existence. However, he took all the Hinduism’s techniques of meditations (specially those of concentration, like the one you practice) and he used these techniques in a new way: with this focused and hyperconcentrated mind, he turned back his attention to reality and he discovered the sources of suffering. He created here the Vippassana meditation, which is unique from Buddhism, and it is used to destroy the sources of suffering. This is something that Hinduism doesn’t have. You can meditate in your breath for a long time and you likely will improve your concentration strongly, but that just will calm your suffering as long you are meditating. Afterwards, the suffering arises again. The Buddha discovered this in his own experience, so once he could have master control in these techniques, he had no masters anymore, and he had to find the real sources of suffering for himself. And he made it.

However, these concentration meditations are extremely important, and even when they can’t liberate us from suffering, they are the basis for the Vippassana meditations, the ones that can increase your quality of life considerably. So my personal advice is that you should continue meditating in the breath meditation, but afterwards you should use the Vippassana meditations, especially the analytic meditations. Try to find a Buddhist Center close to your home and try to buy Buddhist books, elemental ones to understand the Buddha’s proposal.

I hope it be useful.


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