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Posted by JudithR ( on November 14, 2000 at 11:50:15:

In Reply to: Re: nagas posted by Susan S on November 11, 2000 at 15:53:26:

Hi susam , this is a follow up on nagas. I have another short story on the cobras that is true for you. I was at an egyptian exibet in Colorado, over ten years ago and I was with a friend comming up to a statue of one of Ramseys wifes, and she had a crown of cobras on her head. I began to dry out loud in front of my friend and someone who was working there also came to me to see what was wrong. I told them I felt like I had found home. It may have been a bad choice of words , but I could not control it. I am still wondering about it all. By the way I tried to register into the new forum and I messed up, so I dont know if I will get in or not. Hope this goes through. thank you for always answering me. :
: I liked what everyone wrote but Nagas will send me to the Lamas for the answer but if one saw a corbra surrounding you, then I find that very auspicius (ms) In the Buddhist world, we have protector dieties, both peaceful and wrathful and I guess the Nagas would be wrathful but not of negative conatation.
: I remember when I went to India for the first many years ago and I was in New Dalai and there were these Indians that had they corbras in the basket and bring them out and use they horn or musical instrument to make it dance, and I sat down right in front of one of these and this corbra and I seemed to know each other and there was no fear just like meeting an old friend and I don't know how long this went on but when I looked around, I was encircle with a mass of Indians looking on at me and no one said anything, it was only silence.
: I had to laugh as the Indian with the snake wanted money and I turned and said to him "You have just been blessed and money is not necessary".
: Judy, I wish you would tell me your story about the Nagas and your belief. In India and certain parts of it, snakes are worshipped and revered and taken care extremely well. Also I have found in most India and Buddhist temples that you will find Buddha statures with the seven heads of corbras which I am sure has to do with the taming of the naga who gave homage to the Buddha.
: I can't say I love snakes but I do love their colors and like I said being born in the year of the Snake, I have some charaterics (ms) of them.

: I am like Grace, too, spiders scare the hell of me except for the Daddy Long Legs as they are suppose to be protectors and eat up all the bugs in the house.

: I just want to add this, my machine hasn't been able to post on this new forum we have so I can only answer what you are all putting down here.
: So I may be saying good bye to all if this change over at midnight doesn't work for me. Thank you all for so much.

: Susan S

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