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Posted by Sergio on December 10, 1999 at 04:07:04:

In Reply to: Scared of parinirvana posted by Remmy on December 09, 1999 at 23:35:34:

: Does the idea of attaining parinirvana scare anyone apart from me? I understand it's supposed to be indiscribable bliss but the idea still scares me. I've heard it described as beyond space and time, formless, and eternal. It is so alien to the form of existance I'm used to (being a human experiencing the passage of time). I think it's the fact that it is eternal and beyond time that scares me the most. Does anyone or did anyone used to feel this way too, or have I misunderstood the idea of parinirvana?

Dear friend:

I think you misunderstood the idea of paranirvana. Paranirvana is a word used to describe the moment when a enlightened person leaves his body. For example, the historical Buddha Siddharta attain paranirvana when he died at the age of 80 aporx. Because he attained nirvana before he died, the moment of his death is called "paranirvana".

Nirvana is also a very misunderstood word, and many people think that it is related with a paradaise or something like that. Christians beleive (most of them) that nirvana is the Buddist's paradaise, as they have theirs. Of course this is wrong. The definition of nirvana is simple: a state of mind free of suffering without returning. That's all. People love to involve nirvana with all kind of mystical things. Nirvana is the 3th noble truth: the cesation of suffering forever. It is just a STATE of MIND. If your actual state of mind is not free from suffering at all, if your mind is conditionated to suffer, then you haven't attached nirvana.

Hope this be usefull.


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