Answer to Buddha born in Nepal (Who was he ? )

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Posted by Hajoor Nepali ( on May 08, 2001 at 09:46:48:

In Reply to: Re: Buddha born in Nepal (Who was he ? ) posted by Niru on March 04, 2001 at 09:06:07:

There's always a limit to how much fact you are stating and how much false statement and thus misleading the world. This lady "Niru" claims there are more Buddhist than Hindu in Nepal. Does she have any substantial facts except her statement that supports the fact? Well I'm not a very religious person and I don't like to count the number, I go for what I like and what I see. But the level of lie this statement can create and is creating to an innocent mind is tremendous. This is the only reason that prompts me to write this. I'm sorry if by doing this I'm unintentionally hurting somebody.
Nepal by constitution is a Hindu country that means if it had or has more Buddhist than Hindu then they can change the 'Hindu' word from their constitution. If you travel to Nepal you will find more Hindu temple and festivals than the Buddhist one. Similarly you will meet more Hindu people in the street. And Nepal’s census shows that at least 8 in 10 are Hindu.
The Gurkhas are world famous warrior and the West portrays it as a ruthless killing machine. If they are the Buddhist and were taught the Buddhist philosophy would it be possible to be so brutal in war? Think yourself. Your lifelong teaching would somehow and somewhere create some hesitation in you. Is that not so?
And also Ms. Niru claims that Buddha was Mongol and later says that he is from Tharu clan. Why this ambiguity? Tharu is not a subgroup of Mongol; they were the only natives (indigenous) of Nepal. We know that at the time of Buddha Nepal was very much influenced by the Northen India and actually there were no hard and fast line drawn between what we now call Nepal and the northern Indian principalities. The people and their kings were in a way more of Indian origins than from any other. Those were the times for constant migration from one place to another.
Mongols were inhabitants of the Northern Nepal and they still prefer the cooler and hilly part of the nation. Only in very recent time due to better economy they are migrating to the southern belt of Nepal. So I can’t imagine a Mongol ruling Hindu people at the time of Buddha in Southern Nepal.
So why Ms. Niru is giving this unsubstantial and false statement to the world? Can she explain? At least to me!
There’s a saying in Nepal that says, “a little knowledge (or incomplete) is more dangerous than no knowledge”. I think the danger has increased 100 folds in 21st century due to the sole fact that we have the information highway (WWW).

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