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Posted by Jim on December 20, 1999 at 15:27:36:

To all living beings in all worlds, all realms, all universes…
To my beloved wife and son, my mother, father and family…
To the Buddhas and to the heirs and offspring…
To my Spiritual Guide and fellow aspirants:

Be it known that I have engaged in false and harmful actions
And supported them with baseless reasoning
And have furthered the causes for suffering
Even in the name of wisdom.

I have killed beings weaker than myself
Hunted, trapped, poisoned and squashed them
I have celebrated such deeds
And have encouraged others to do the same.

I have deceived strangers and those near to me
Seeking to establish expedient impressions
Not thinking that I was likewise a victim
Of such deceitfulness.

I have indulged in bouts of anger
That brought confusion and conflict
And with irritation have ruined environments
Causing people and other beings fear and anxiety.

I have squandered time and resources
With petty fascinations and indulgences
Taking them to be meaningful marks
Of virtues and qualities I did not possess.

I have been insincere in praising other’s attainments
Wallowing in stingy jealousy and contempt
Coveting the very item, status or ability
That I played down with cool reception.

I have harbored and elaborated extreme viewpoints
And have thus undermined the fledgling faith of others
By articulating forcefully and with cruel logic
That all things end at the eternal or at annihilation.

I have gone about as though I would live forever
And that my misdeeds would be lost in the sweep of time
And would bear no fruit once gone from memory
As if the sun would not rise after setting.

I have repeatedly established such poisons
Now so dense and thick through habitual action
I even call them ‘the way of the world’
And dare with my tongue to speak of heaven!

To all who bear witness I openly confess these capacities
And with regret acknowledge their effects
Humbly I beseech your forbearance and guidance
So I might walk the paths to cessation of such.

And thereby become a source of comfort and ease
To any and all beings in every place
Suffering from the effects of such great ignorance
As I myself herein acknowledge and confess.

I willingly accept and joyfully embrace
What effort and struggle this may entail
For it is surely temporary and small
Compared to the sorrow otherwise engendered.

May the force of virtue and clarity multiply endlessly
And swiftly assuage the confusion and turmoil of all beings.

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