The natural wolf

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Posted by john y on January 13, 19100 at 12:27:20:

There is a kind of more intelligent animals who are not of any shape than mankind in the boundless universe. We don't see the animals. The scope that our eyes can observe is very limited, for examples, we can't see infrared ray and electromagnetic wave. The animals exist in the form of informational wave that has energy and consciousness. They can transmit thought to mankind, can control our idea and our behavior.
There is a mountain that is named TINTAI in east CHINA. The GOC temple is on the mountain. The natural wolf has lived in the temple. He named himself as the disciple of Buddha. He is more intelligent animal than we are as mentioned before. He hasn't the human body, but can speak to us by transmitting thought. From physics, the natural wolf is only the energy wave that has consciousness. He can follow his inclinations to attack us by his energy waves.
In 1994,the natural wolf came to man's world. He is also ordinary person who cultivates himself according to a Buddhism doctrine. Then, he can obtain magical power and transform his body into energy waves form with consciousness. The natural wolf considers the ordinary person as livestock, such as pig, dog etc, and can "eat" us. But the natural wolf doesn't eat our body; he absorbs our biological energy that can be transformed by food. Our body is a small-scale power station. When the natural wolf is dying, he is usually sure to cause the ordinary person physical and mental suffering to divert his living crisis to the person. His method is very sinister and cruel. If the natural wolf can't tide over his living crisis, he vents his anger on the ordinary persons and makes them fall into lower forms of life, such as chicken, pig etc. He let the ordinary persons are buried with his dead as the slave was buried with his owner's dead in ancient times.
The natural wolf chooses a person as his tool to eternal life, and makes him live a special life with magical power. To make our hair stand on end is that the natural wolf changes the person's brain structure with magical power. Let the person have encephalitis, and miss cure time because a delay to ruin his brain reflective speed and the faculty of memory, make him get wooden head and slow of understanding. The natural wolf's aim is to reduce the person's independent character, and have the person be his shield, let him be a "corpse ghost".
The natural wolf has the person obtain gains without labor and run into debt with evil intentions. He let people promiscuity in man's world to form salacious surroundings. The natural wolf can control people's sexual desire with magical power. He has the impudence to the brothers and sisters do sexual intercourse. When the person was marrying, the natural wolf attached his body and do sexual intercourse with his wife, but he doesn't allow them to bear children to bring up him who is a child after reviving. The natural wolf connects his mind with the person's as a cap that can speak is put on the person's head, and speaks to the person day and night. The natural wolf slanders with and insults the person, provoke him to anger, and make him fight as bullfight. The natural wolf named that as "head fight", force the person to acknowledge allegiance to him. If the person doesn't follow him, the natural wolf has him headache, even kills him by magical power.
The natural wolf is a kind of cruel animal. If you meet him, you are unfortunate. The natural wolf gives rise to many people's disaster, however, the persons seem to feel quite helpless and be at a loss what to do. Because the natural wolf can determine our destiny, he makes unbridled attacks, and destroys morality and order in man's world.

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