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Posted by Lozang Tsering on January 17, 19100 at 13:58:26:

In Reply to: jes outta curiosity posted by lokesh on January 17, 19100 at 11:48:55:

Having been raised myself in the Western culture, I believe that the "mysticism" of Eastern culture and spirituality does attract a certain element of our society who attach more to the symbolism rather than the true meaning of the symbols and the pure practice of the path. With time, I have ween some of these actually "get" the true meaning and then the symbols do not create such a fasination with them. Others however, grasp at these symbols out of a need for recognition and it is sad to me that this happens because they also tend to misrepresent the true nature of the Buddhist spiritual practice. Their actions are not in accordance with Buddhist principles and therefore they portray Buddhists in a bad light.
But, while I find this sad, I also have compassion for them because they are searching just like all of us, but stop short of finding the real answers to their problems.

: do the three burning lamps on the front page of the
: village's website symbolize buddha, dharma and shamga?
: doesn't the purporse that the symbolic metaphors that buddhism
: is fraught with (of which the three burning lamps is but an
: example) supposed to serve fail if those who pursue the dharma
: are merely fascinated by the symbolism of such metaphors
: while failing to understand what these metaphors actually
: symbolize? i do not mean to question the honesty with
: which people practice the dharma in the states but one
: has to admit that there is this prevalence of superficiality
: in the conditions in which most practice it. but this is not
: to admit that there aren't any who are devoted to the fullest
: extension to the pracitice of the dharma.

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