i'm new to buddhism and have many questions

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Posted by neen on January 24, 19100 at 13:17:26:

hi everyone......i just started to study buddhism in the last six months.....i live in an isolated northern community in canada......so far i am the only buddhist in town...i read awakening the buddha within and several other books....i'm wondering.....i am in the middle of a big court thing with my exhusband over my daughters, last summer when they were visiting me charlotte my oldest told me their stepmother had been hitting her and other abusive stuff. i asked her if this was really true and she just freaked out on me...she cried and said no one believes me....anyway i took both of them to talk to child and family services....they were interviewed by the rcmp and cfs and it was decided that abuse was going on. it was decided the girls should stay with me untill the matter was investigated.....when cfs and the rcmp found out who my exhusband was they sent the girls back (dragged screaming out of my arms) he is also rcmp.... he then had restrining orders placed against me by a judge he knows and he made sure i lost my joint custody with him now i've seen my daughters for 6 hours since last july.... i feel like i'm obsessed in getting charlotte and rachel safe... and i am pursuing this in court...my ex has forced me to take a psych exam to prove i'm fit to look after my own children and then the judge ruled i had to pay for it....they've gotten all my health records since i was born trying to find something bad in my past....now they are dragging my current job into it as well by requesting my personell file...this is just a mess and because he is a cop he keeps getting permission to get this stuff from judges... my lawyer is totally amazed at the things he's getting away with... i realise that i am being punished for bad karma from sometime but why is this hurting my daughters and how do i get this to stop hurting...it's like samsara it keeps going and going...how can i get this to end without deserting my daughters???? i am being put through hell over this and though i'm very stressed..i cry at what charlotte and rachel are going through....why are they being punished?? neen churchill manitoba

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