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Posted by zenair on February 13, 19100 at 19:09:57:

In Reply to: When a Buddha dies posted by Ben on January 10, 19100 at 22:02:44:

Hi Brother Ben, Blessings.
The following, quoted from "Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand" by Pabongka Rinpoche would appear to lend some insight into your question:

"...In other words, when we now tell storeis about the Bhagavan Buddha who achieved the vajra body, and about the many adepts of India and Tibet who achieved the unification, it might seem that they are still with us, yet they have all gone to nirvana. If, to common appearances, our Teacher Buddha and others have died and their vajra bodies been destroyed, why should peopole like ourselves not die?
When our Teacher was about to pass into nirvana, many tens of thousands of his retinue, Shariputra and others, went before him into nirvana. Then Buddha, our Teacher, while in Kushinagari, commanded that his last sleeping platform be built between two shala trees. He then subdued his last two disciples, priest Subhadra, who was not a Buddhist. They could not bear to see Buddha pass into nirvana, and Subhadra immediately passed away himself. When our Teacher was just about to pass away he removed his upper garments and urged people to take a good look because it was difficult to get to see the body of a Tathagata. His last teaching centered on impermanence. then, in order to show that this meditation was fundamental, he said:
All conditioned phenomena are impermanent.
This is the last teaching of the Tathagata.
He then passed into nirvana.. . ."

So, what I understand from this basic text is that when a Buddha dies, the Buddha enters nirvana. What is nirvana or what does nirvana consist of you ask? Thats another teaching.

om-mani-padme-hum to you one million times and may peace follow your study and meditation.

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