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Posted by Sergio on February 23, 19100 at 03:09:24:

In Reply to: What happened? posted by Desiree Moore on February 22, 19100 at 05:01:37:

: Yes, it is me again. I have a quick question to ask. For those of you who were christians why did you convert to Buddism? What part of christianity that was not there did you find in Buddism. Do you still hold true your beliefs in christianity.

Dear Ben:

Nobody can "convert" to Buddhism because buddhism doesn't have any kind of dogma of faith. But I understand your question. In my case, christianity didn't solve the problem of suffering in my life. Christianity only gave me the offer of be "saved" for something called "sin", which had been commited by someone else because he ate an apple or something (incredible). But I also was requested to have faith on such salvation. I also had to believed that all was god's will, so I couldn't believe that a "powerfull" god could accept so much suffering in this world. To me that attitude was very cruel, or perhaps god was not so powerfull because he was not doing anything to stop suffering in the world (or perhaps he was helping only a few people, which means that he was discriminatory). But I requested help to Christ and it never came. I also had a lot of philosophical questions about everything, and the answer of Christianity for those question was "Have faith and remember that those are mysteries". So I gave up Christianity because it was very weak in its structure and arguing, and very ilogical, with horrible answers for important questions. To me it was a religion for kids.
And after 6 years of that, I looked for buddhism. I have no influence of christianity in my personality and mind anymore, at any level.

Hope it be useful.


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