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Posted by Mitch on February 24, 19100 at 17:04:37:

In Reply to: Re: Just need some information for a debate posted by zenair on February 24, 19100 at 14:50:40:

: :
: : I just want to ask if Buddhists regard Buddha as their God or they just follow His teachings.

: : Sorry, i have so much to do that i can't find the time to read articles about Buddhism. This is much easier.

: ------------------------
: Hello Mitch, many blessings and peace to you.
: Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha was a man who was born into a family where he was a Prince. He was married. He had a son. He chose to seek enlightenment. He obtained enlightnment at about the age of 35 as I recall. He died at an elderly age. Buddhists try to follow his teachings and philosophy which are basicallly found in his Four Noble Truths (the fourth truth which is the eight fold path that we try to follow). Buddhists do not have a God as the monotheists do, but we do not consider this a bad thing as long as those who follow monotheism are able to obtain a "good heart" through the following of their specific paths.
: However, if you do plan to debate, I would think that you would want to take the time to more understand the basic tenants of Buddhism which would take more than an email to explain. Also, I pray that your debate will be one that brings hearts together and not one that separates them.
: Much compassion to you and peace.

: -zenair

Thank you Zenair. Be at peace that i'm not for the separation of people but for their togetherness.
I'm a Catholic, by the way. I'm a writer who plans on doing a low-budgeted movie about atheism. And because of my research, i have become involved into debates with Atheists but i do not plan to convert them nor get them angry. Actually i have become friends with some of them. Because of our debate, we came acros points like Buddhist regarding Buddha as God. I told them, this is not so, that you just follow his teachings. That's the reason i asked and visited this website in the first place.

Peace to you all,

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