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Posted by samvara on June 08, 1999 at 23:47:44:

His Holiness Yundun Zangpo Rinpoche is the spiritual head of the Jonang
Lineage and Abbot of Zang Chen Monastery. Born in 1928 to Doza Sonam
Dorje and Horza Demoki, he was recognized at a very young age by Nawang
Choni Gyatso, as having immense potential to benefit the Buddhist
teachings. So saying, Nawang Choni Gyatso gave his own clothing to
this special child as a blessing. At the age of eight, His Holiness
began reading and writing Tibetan language. At age 12, he went to Zang
Chen Monastery to receive many empowerments and practices including the
entire Kalachakra system of Maha and Anu Yoga, from the Vajrayana
Masters Ngawang Dempa Saki and Rinpa Ngawang Dorje Zangpo. When he was
16, His Holiness received many teachings from Ngawang Lodro Drapa,
uncluding the Prajnaparamita, Abidharma, Vinaya Pitsaka, and Madyamika.
His Holiness also composed many important Buddhist treatises. He
later studied the complete Vajrayana teachings and empowerments with
Vajra Masters Ngawang Kongcho Dargyas, Droge Tulku, Sinang Lama, and Se

In 1982, His Holiness was officially installed as the Abbot of Zang
Chen Monastery. He then began a comprehensive process to restore and
rebuild the dilapidated temples, monastic quarters, retreat facilities,
and main ceremonial temple at Zang Chen Gompa. He also founded the
Jonang Lineage Institute of Buddhist Studies. His Holiness personally
carved wooden blocks to print the Buddhist writings of famous teachers
such as Kunkyen Dolpopa, Kunkyen Nyawanpa, Taranatha, Kunga Drocho, and
Thudun Gele. He further composed many detailed explanations of
Buddhist practice and on the history of Jonang Lineage. He has spread
the Dharma throughout Tibet, giving the Kalachakra, Khandro and
Dharmapala teachings and special empowerments.

His Holiness has given teachings to members of traditions other than
his own. In 1991, he bestowed the Kalachakra empowerment on His
Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, renowned Master of the Nyingma
Lineage. Historically, the Kalachakra system within the Karma Kagyu
Lineage originated from a famous master of the Jonang Lineage, Kunkyen
Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen. Je Tsongkapa, founder of the Gelug Lineage
also received the Kalachakra teachings from the Jonang Lineage Master,
Kunkyen Nyawanpa.

The most important monastery for the Jonang Lineage is Zang Chen Gompa.
It is located in the Ngaba region of Kham, Eastern Tibet (Latitude 32,
Longitude 101). More than 10,000 monastic practitioners reside there.
From September 10th to 25th, 1999, Zang Chen Monastery will hold an
historically significant Dharma gathering. Friends from all nations
are graciously invited to attend this auspicious event. If interested
please call 011-86-28-5159704. Send e-mail to: or (from: Wang Xiao-Jun,ChengDu,P.R.C , Pema Dorje
Rinpoche translated it from Tibetan language and Chinese into English.

May 23, 1999

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