A funny thing happend on the way to "CHURCH"

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Posted by Merton Thomas on June 25, 1999 at 02:09:58:

My understanding is that all human beans have the potential to be like BUDDHA. So following this logic, it is safe to say that we are born with that knowledge. Through fine horning and disciplining the mind, if you will "awakening ", the knowledge is revealed to us. Or is it? Or are we a product of our stimulation in our environment , things we see, read, learn through life.
For example, I was borne into a catholic family and raised as such. I was of that faith till the age of 22. And jut like that, I could feel deep inside I was not "catholic". So the years when by, I developed my own way of thinking, philosophy, etc. well you get the idea. To make a long story short through my recreational reading I found out about Buddhism. To my pleasant surprise I was amaze how much my way of "thinking" beliefs, philosophy was in line or exactly with DHARMA. Now my Question is this, was I a previous BUDHIST in another point in time, or am I a product of stimulus? (acquired knowledge wise)

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