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Posted by Kathy ( on February 27, 2000 at 15:23:45:

In Reply to: Relationships posted by Desiree Moore on February 22, 19100 at 04:35:01:

: I boyfriend, who I love dearly, says that he is into Buddism. Although, I do not have a strong belief in any one religion, I do belief in God and Christ. I have briefly read the other follow-ups, and what I got from it is that Buddist belief let things just be or let nature take its course. What if someone is doing harm to another or themselves. Anyway, If I am to have a truely successful relationship with my boyfriend would I have to convert to Buddism, and if I did would I have to denouce God and Christ? Lastly, the one thing that I do feel envious about with people who do have a strong belief in a religion is their since of community, something that I never had. Do Buddist families go to services together?

: Any help would be appreciated.
: Desiree

Dear Desiree-
I'm sorry this reply is a bit late, but I just got my computer back online and I had to catch up on the discussions I've missed. This is also a reply to your later question on "what happened?". I was raised in a Christian household, and when I was younger, Christianity brought me great comfort. However, as I grew I needed more answers than it could give me. I then realized that I was looking in the wrong place for knowledge- that all of my answers lay within me. Not with a preacher, a priest, a minister, the bible or the Pope- I had to be willing to face my fears about mortality and life. I think perhaps you need another perspective on Buddhism- think of it less as a religion and more as a philosophy. Buddha said that truth is subjective- that what I find to be true is true for only me, and your truth is your own. It isn't about forgiveness, salvation, damnation and sins- it's about being able to see the reality of life and to be able to become unattatched to the things in life that too many human beings are willing to hurt and kill for(money,cars...).I'm sorry this is lengthy but I hope just a little of this can help you. May your heart find peace-

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