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Posted by Sergio ( on March 11, 2000 at 03:12:24:

In Reply to: Buddhism in Australia posted by Jared on March 10, 2000 at 09:28:09:

: Well, I am well on my way to becoming Bohdissatva in Australia. I am 22 years old, and my learning has been unbeleivably fast, as I recognise teachings from past incarnations, and feel that all I learn now is only a reminder of what I have learnt in my past existence. I know I was someone important, yet importance has lost its meaning for me now. I seek no reward and only wish to help others in western countries to seek a spiritual path, with basis of love and compassion. I beleive this is an important step in one's evolution towards Nirvana, and teachers are needed at this level. I feel that I am on my middle path, and that if I choose to at a later date in my life, I will attain Nirvana. Yet this sounds too selfish for me, and I would preffer to come back again and again, until I feel that I am not needed anymore.

: Could someone write back and tell me what comes to their mind when they read this? I follow my inner self and I speak my own truth. I would love some feedback though!!

Dear friend:

To feel that one is learning something again which is a memory of previous lifes, is a typical tool of the ego. I think you shouldn't belive that you are remembering the dharma, or believe that you are so important. These are tools of the ego which damage the spiritual development of people. Ego is a monster of 1000 heads, and when you cut one, it replace it. If you studied dharma in previous lifes or not, its not significant. Only if you had very cleary remembers from previous lifes, you should think about it. Otherwise, your ego is thinking, not you.

Hope it be useful.


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