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Posted by Sergio ( on March 11, 2000 at 03:43:33:

In Reply to: Infomation! Please posted by Michael Pollard on March 10, 2000 at 16:14:32:

: Hello, the place that i live dose not have any
: Buddhists or even anybody friendly toward buddhism
: (Their all feel "be christian or suffer"). However, i
: really find buddhism interesting and want more; I want
: to know if there are any buddhist centers in Canada.
: More specificly, western canada (far west). If you
: know of any or somebody that does i would like to know.
: If you don't then please suggest some really good
: books.

: Thank you very much, Michael Pollard.

Dear Michael:

I completely disagree with Wahyin. The need of a spiritual master is the basis of Buddhism, independently of the Buddhist tradition. BUDDHISM IS NOT FOR SELF-TAUGHT PEOPLE. It’s ok to read books and navigate in the net, but you need the presence of a spiritual master, because he will give you a structured method of development, and he will make you see reality as it is, from other perspective, without conceptual thought. The spiritual master will make you break your social karmic point of view, and he will show you how mind is the center of perception, the responsible of happiness or suffering, and that’s the best gift someone can give you. The spiritual master is know as “the good influence”, or “the essential influence” or “the contributory cause”. You can’t even say you are Buddhist if you haven’t “taken refugee” in a small ritual with a spiritual master. A person who has a relationship with Buddhism through books and internet, will only get a conceptual understanding of Buddhism. This kind person is a Buddhologist, not a Buddhist. However, you can read and follow the ethical rules of Buddhism, and other worth teachings, but this kind of approach is academic, very conceptual, and you can’t get a direct and not conceptual experience of reality just reading books and navigating in internet. In that sense your Buddhist development will be very small, you need a spiritual master for that. It's very important for you to find a Buddhist community, or a temple. The spiritual master is the basis of the 3 jewels, jewels in which Buddhists take refugee: The Buddhahood, the Dharma and the Sangha. Without a spiritual master there is not path. Please find a Buddhist community if you are really interested in Buddhism. You should read some books by the way, but please don’t think that is enough.

Yours truly,


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