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Posted by Sergio ( on March 11, 2000 at 04:05:37:

In Reply to: No nose no tongue no body no sangha posted by Zarathustra on March 06, 2000 at 14:16:08:

: That part of American Buddhism that I have seen, in ten plus years around Buddhist groups, is a largely asexual milieu. I am not an asexual person, therefore I don't think I belong in the sangha, no matter what kind of value I find in the teachings and the practices. Buddhists talk about friendliness; non-Buddhists are more likely to actually possess it. I know the sangha is supposed to be one of the three jewels; does anyone have any thoughts on whether sangha membership is essential to one's practice, or on what a practitioner who is not part of a group ought to do? Go to sites like this, maybe? Anything else? Any thoughts on WHY it's a more or less sexless scene?

Dear Zaratustra:

WITHOUT SANGHA THERE IS NOT PATH. You need the spiritual support of Buddhist friends, always. Otherwise, you will get lost in this samsaric universe. Only people with a strong tendency to enlightenment will motivate you in that sense. We can be influenced very easily, and society will influence you in paths that will not take you to the perfect knowledge of your mind (enlightment). They will influence you in the perfect path of consume and bad refugees. These kind people take refugee in things that canít give you permanent pleasure, only temporal. These are not bad people, just people ignorant about better refugees. But the people of Sangha is working for permanent happiness, so they donít take refugee in the 8 mundane conditions, but in the 3 jewels, which are a safety ship that will take you from the border of samsara to the border of nirvana. Only people of the Sangha will work with you shoulder with shoulder in the destruction of afflicted emotions and essential ignorance. Only people of the Sangha will be interested in helping you when you lose motivation in the direction of the Dharma. Only people of the Sangha will spend time with you working in the training of the mind. Without this essential influence, working to enlightenment becomes something very difficult. It doesn't mean you should give up people out of the sangha. Iím just saying that the Sangha is very important, monks and Buddhist friends. They are more than friends, they are a group of people flying to freedom. And when birds fly together, they can fly faster, longer and more beautiful. Be part of the fly!!.

Yours truly,


PD. Mind has no sex.

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